Alexandra’s Practically Pawfect

I’m Alexandra.

From a tiny child, I have always fascinated by animals and their behaviour. I grew up surrounded by animals of all different species including dogs, cats, bunnies and many more, I always knew I was destined to be involved with animals and their families. I’ve been involved in dog training since I was a young teenager and have lived in a multi-dog household since then. Each of my dogs have taught me so much and shaped who I am, what I know about dogs and how I choose to train and interact with animals and their families. I have spent vast amounts of time learning through a variety of courses, books and hands on experience and am committed to always learning more.

I spend most of my days training, walking and looking after animals (mainly dogs but also other animals) and love every minute of it.
In terms of dog training, I offer reward-based training on a one to one basis and love seeing the relationship build between dogs and their owners.

There’s so much information around about dogs and dog behaviour out there, it can be difficult to know how and where to start. One of my aims as a dog trainer is to help people to find the information and answers they are looking for. Also, to help them move towards the life they planned to have when they chose to add a dog to their family.

I know that everyone and their pets’ needs will be different. That is why everything I offer is bespoke and designed to suit what is needed.

I offer:

Bespoke in person training options
Online training options
Solo or small group dog walks
In house visits or pet sitting

Drop me a message so we can discuss how I can help you and your pets