Calmer Canines for Shouty-Barky Dogs

Are you struggling with a shouty-barky dog or a dog with separation anxiety?

I’m Stephie, and I work with owners of dogs that bark excessively, are highly sensitive, and anxious to bring more emotional balance into their lives. With my guidance, these dogs can learn to manage their emotions which means that everyone in the household can enjoy a more normal and peaceful existence, just like any other family.

I began specialising in sensitive, shouty-barky dogs with separation anxiety in 2016 when my foster puppy didn’t respond to any of the normal training tips for either barking or separation. In fact, the standard training just made her worse – she was on edge the whole time and was completely unable to learn. Several years and many thousands of pounds and thousands of hours later (Certified Behaviourist, Certified Animal Centred Education (ACE) Trainer, Certified Family Dog Mediator, and Certified and Licensed Dynamic Dog Practitioner) I’ve now developed two successful online programmes that work wonders with these dogs.

The Calmer Canines Academy is perfect for your shouty-barky dog:

Mum’s Away, Pup’s OK is where your dog with separation anxiety needs to be:

“Stephie’s unique training did exactly what she advertises – a calmer canine.” Vicky and Oscar

My promises to you are:
1. I’ll show you how to develop your dog’s calm curiosity, co-operation and resilience so that they become more independent, less needy, and don’t lose it when unexpected things happen
2. I will NEVER frighten your dog or you
3. You’ll get a clear and simple step-by-step route to your dog being OK in any situation
4. I’m with you on every step of the journey so that you get the fastest possible progress
5. Together, you and your dog will develop the skills to be able to be at peace with the world

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