Confident Canine – Holistic Gundog Specialist

Unlock your gundog’s true potential!

Confident Canine, addressing your gundog challenges with compassion and expertise:
Are you struggling with a gundog that seems to have a mind of its own, ignoring your calls, and chasing after every rabbit or deer it spots?

Does your gundog pull and drag you along during walks, making your outdoor adventures more of a battle than a bonding experience? Perhaps your gundog is anxious and reacts to other dogs, passersby, bikes, or joggers by barking and lunging, leaving you feeling nervous and unsure how to change this.

Enter me, Nina, your holistic gundog training specialist at Confident Canine. I understand the frustration and stress that can arise from gundog behaviour challenges. My approach goes beyond the surface, I delve into understanding your gundog’s unique personality and emotional journey to uncover the root causes behind their behaviours.

By helping you comprehend what your dog is communicating, I help you to build a stronger, more empathetic bond and to set kind yet clear boundaries that foster good mental health and overall well-being for your gundog.

Fast and reliable results: Your gundog’s transformation awaits:
I am committed to delivering swift and reliable results. Many of our clients have been amazed by the remarkable progress they have witnessed in their gundogs in a short period. I aim to achieve immediate noticeable improvements in your behaviour through targeted training and a tailored approach.

From problematic to joyful gundog training:
My expertise extends beyond resolving problem behaviours. I also offer gundog training for field or fun! Helping you to channel your smart gundogs brain and sharp instincts to bringing joy and fun to your outdoor experiences. Whether you want to refine your gundog’s retrieval skills, improve their mental agility, or simply enjoy the company of a well-behaved companion during outdoor adventures, I have the training for you.

Your trusted gundog training partner:
I am more than just a training service; I am your partner in fostering a harmonious relationship with your gundog. My compassionate and knowledgeable approach ensures that you feel supported and encouraged throughout your training journey.

Are you ready to experience transformation with your gundog?

Then call me, Nina, the Holistic Gundog Specialist, and we can have a chat about your gundog and goals today – 07917 445830