Edinburgh Holistic Dogs

Edinburgh Holistic Dogs is a dog walking and training service set up in 2017 by Suzanne Gould. The business aims to provide Calm Confidence for Foreign Rescue Dogs and Reactive Dogs.

Specializing in training for Romanian and Foreign Dogs which is inspired by Suzanne’s personal history of adopting her Old English Sheepdogs. Suzanne also noticed there is an increasing number of adopted dogs, whose owners are struggling as their dogs are considered reactive, don’t listen or are scared by people. This has earned her the name of The Rescue Dog Ranger™

Suzanne also has created a dedicated programme for Reactive dogs covering dog and human reactivity, visitor reactivity and more.

In December 2021 Suzanne became Scotland’s First Dynamic Dog Practitioner, she is qualified to Assess dogs gait and posture to identify abnormal movements and potential problems. Doing this alongside her behaviour modification has allowed Suzanne to successfully help dogs with pain related behaviours.

Suzanne shows owners how they can transform their lives with their dogs, the training she provides isn’t your typical obedience style instead she focuses on confidence building, strengthening communication and how to handle stressful situations.

Suzanne is known for her relaxed and friendly approach when working with dogs and their owners. She always shares her own experiences with her dogs both the good and the embarrassing. She works in person covering Edinburgh and Surrounding area as well as working remotely too.