Forest Canine Massage

Hello, my name is Jessica Barton. I am a highly skilled Clinical Canine Massage Therapist and owner of Forest Canine Massage, based in the Forest of Dean. I am passionate about improving dog’s comfort, mobility, flexibility, and activity levels so they can live a happy and fulfilled life.

Canine massage therapy benefits all dogs from all walks of life regardless of their age or breed. This includes active dogs with performance issues, middle aged dogs that look old before their time, arthritic dogs with restricted mobility and reactive dogs showing signs of anxiety or stress. I also offer maintenance treatments and free muscular health checks to detect and treat underlining issues early before they become an issue.

I am a member of the Canine Massage Guild and International Association of Animal Therapists. These associations promote high standards, safe practice and continued professional development so you can rest assure that your dog will be in safe hands.