Freddie and Friends

Freddie and Friends are here to teach you and your dog skills for life. At Freddie and Friends we train with games. We want training to be as much fun for you as it is for your dog. Every dog has a brain and it’s how that brain is shaped right now that determines how they cope in various environments. Ever wanted to sit outside a café on a summers evening while your dog settles on a mat under the table? Want to go on walks with friends while your dog walks on a loose lead and doesn’t tow you down the road? Maybe you’d love your dog to have a reliable recall where they want to come back to you fast. By looking at your training struggles I am able to tailor bespoke training to you and your dog so that we can grow the skills they need that will help them thrive. We can grow skills they need so that they have the best life with you. Skills might include confidence, calmness, value for engaging with you or value for turning away from distractions. Of course we also offer training for those that want to maintain what they already have or who just want to spend time each week supercharging their relationship with their dog. From puppies to super seniors there are skills we can grow and teach to dogs of all ages.