Hands On Heart Clinical CAnine Massage

I am a Canine Massage Therapist, using science and intuition to reduce pain and discomfort in dogs of all ages and all breeds.

Whether your dog has lameness from a muscular strain, or an ongoing orthopaedic condition such as Arthritis or Hip Dysplasia or needs rehabilitation after surgery, then massage can help. I also have an affinity for Palliative Care and can be there when you both need me the most, physically and emotionally.

My Rottweiler Lola was my inspiration and my business partner, teaching me more than i could ever be grateful for until she passed away in October 2021. Since then I have also treated Shih-tzu’s, French and English Bulldogs, Collies, Staffies, Cocker and Springer Spaniels, Australian and German Shepherds, Newfoundlands and Greyhounds (one with only 3 legs who loves his massages). And I am proud to call most of the owners my friends after our sessions because we put the world to rights as i treat their dogs with the love, attention and clinical expertise that they deserve.

I have trained with The Canine Massage Therapy Centre for 2 years and been in business since 2018, assessing and treating many clients across Cheshire. I am a member of The Canine Massage Guild, actively completing 25hrs of CPD per year and volunteering to do muscular health checks on dogs at events across the country.

I now offer highly popular Dog & Owner packages too so that you can both feel better and enjoy walks together.

If you have any questions about massage or dogs in general, then i am always open for a chat. Just send me an email to say hello.

I am not just The Hands that help heal your Dog, I am also The Heart that listens to the Owner too.