Landing On Your Paws

Your Certified Separation Anxiety Pro Trainer, Puppy Specialist, and dedicated member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (Membership No: 01515).

Hi, I’m Lindsay, and I’m on a mission to help as many people and pups as possible live happy and contented lives together for now and in the future.

I believe by creating a meaningful and deep impact, my clients will pass their knowledge and skills to their children and grandchildren. They’ll demonstrate how to live in harmony with dogs and explain how they really see the world.

I taught children in nurseries and primary schools for over 10 years before I became a dog trainer.

Even though some things have changed, plenty remains the same. And I still describe myself as a teacher because of how I work:
* Sharing my knowledge
* Breaking concepts down so they can be easily understood
* Meeting the needs of the learner
* Motivating people (and their pups)

Plus, many other past skills and approaches that I use today!

**My specialist Break-Free Separation Anxiety Programme will guide you through growing your dog’s independence in easy-to-follow steps. By combining our expertise, personalised plans, and ultimate support, we can help your dog overcome separation anxiety and achieve lasting positive change.

If you’re a new or soon-to-be puppy parent, you’ll need a supportive puppy trainer to guide you on your journey so that training your puppy is an absolute breeze.

Choose from my:

**One-to-one, bespoke Puppy Training Programme that my clients say is, “worth its weight in gold”. You’ll have a straightforward training plan to follow that will have you feeling crystal clear on how to handle all the puppy training challenges that come your way.

**Or The Puppy Wise Academy offers everything you’ll ever need to sail through puppyhood and beyond! You get continuous access to me for as long as you need it and can even start your training BEFORE YOU BRING YOUR PUPPY HOME, so you’re completely prepared to start your journey on the right paw!

All my programmes can be accessed wherever you are in the world; in-person services locally in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria.

“Lindsay is AMAZING at what she does! Her commitment to you and your pup learning together and growing your bond is second to none, and the wealth of knowledge shared is priceless”.

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