Little Rascals Dog Coaching

Are you the owner of a small breed dog? Do you dread your daily walks because your small dog barks at everything that moves? Are you upset by biting or growling but don’t know how to stop it? Are you worried your dog’s unruly behaviour is getting out of control?

It’s frustrating when others dismiss your little dog’s distress as attitude and upsetting when people assume you haven’t done any training.

I’m Rachel and my decision to offer a specialised service for small dogs was inspired by my rescue terrier Hope. When we first adopted her, she barked at literally everything and had little tolerance for handling. It was hard to know where to start! But with time, patience and understanding she’s become confident, affectionate and a joy to spend time with. I’ve made it my mission to help other small dogs like her go on to experience happy, relaxed and contented lives.

I’m an IMDT Qualified Dog Trainer, an Approved Dog Trainer with the Dog Training College and hold a Level 4 OCN Qualification in Canine Behaviour. I continually update my knowledge through practical and academic courses so I can bring you the most up-to-date approaches available.

I offer 121 training and behaviour packages for your dog or puppy in the New Forest and Southampton areas.

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“Amazing progress with my Yorkie who has fear based aggression and anxiety. Rachel spent time getting to know and understanding his issues. She gave me specific instructions/tools to use. Very supportive, excellent guidance and would highly recommend Little Rascals Dog Coaching..”
Sarah and Butch (Yorkshire Terrier)