Muttleys Canine First Aid Training

Hi I’m Catherine founder of Muttleys, providing Canine First Aid Training for dog owners and pet professionals, so they have the confidence and skills to know how to deal with a pet emergency.

Every year hundreds of pets in the UK get themselves in all sorts of scrapes and you can’t just pick up the phone for an ambulance if your dog gets injured or becomes ill. Pet first aid is certainly not there to replace the expertise of vets, but knowing how to help preserve life and prevent deterioration until veterinary care can be sought, can make all the difference to the outcome. This is something I am very passionate about having personal experience myself of the importance of first aid, after our dog Josie became ill in 2020. Although her symptoms did not initially seem life threatening, after checking her vital statistics I realised that there was something critically wrong and rushed her to the vets. Having that knowhow meant that Josie was diagnosed quickly with a serious autoimmune disease, this potentially saved her life.

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