Nathan’s Paw Trails Ltd T/A Dunleavy Dogs

I own Multi-Award Winning Professional Dog Walking/Pet Care & Training Businesses in Southampton called ‘Nathan’s Paw Trails Ltd T/A Dunleavy Dogs, Nathan’s Paw Care Ltd & Nathan’s Paw Training Ltd. I am a force free, positive reinforcement Dog Trainer specialising in puppy training & separation anxiety. I am 38, live with my husband Mark and our SEVEN, yes seven Dogs. I have three Chihuahuas called; Coco, Bella & Milo AND four Toy Poodles called; Willow, Bailey, Ruby & Cookie. It safe to say, I am doggy mad and I just love working with and helping dogs with their training issues & care needs. I am running owner only workshops, licensed by the Dog Training College – DTC; ‘Understanding Canine Body Language’ and ‘Reactive Rascals’ currently online via zoom.