Pippin Pets Dog Training

Does your dog struggle to be home alone?
Are they noisy or destructive when you go out without them?

I’m Jo from Pippin Pets Dog Training, and I’m a Certified Separation Anxiety specialist and offer packages to clients to help their dog’s phobia of being left behind.
My dog Reba had terrible separation anxiety, and to begin with all I found was a lot of outdated advice that made her worse. Since becoming a Certified SA trainer, I found a kind and ethical method that helped Reba, by using gradual exposure, so that she changed her feelings around being home alone change and settled.  It’s with this process that I now coach my clients so that they too can have some spontaneity back in their lives.

I also help with many other training challenges for pet owners, from puppies and adolescents, through to teaching scent detection to the senior dogs.

Pippin Pets has a range of online consultation options, or in person training in Surrey both for classes and bespoke 1-2-1 training.

I’m the author of Adore Your Adolescent Dog, and I host the Pippin Pets Podcast as well as write top tips in my blog.

I’m very proud to be fully accredited with the ABTC, full member of PACTdogs, and a Small Business Sunday winner.

All methods are designed to not cause any fear, pain or intimidation to your dog.  strongly believes that reward training promotes a stronger bond with your dog, and a better relationship is the foundation to help your dog respond when you need them to, especially recall!

More information and access to my podcast and blog are found through the Pippin Pets website https://www.pippinpetsdogtraining.co.uk/

Or get in touch using the web form to arrange a call to talk about ways I can help you.