Pure Dog Adventure Training

Where Good Dogs Learn Great Things.

Hello! I’m Laura, the founder of Pure Dog Adventure Training, a hub of unique, fun-filled dog training and a welcoming community for dogs and their owners. Four and a half years ago, I turned my passion for dogs and adventure into a thriving business, and today we run 15 weekly training classes and host monthly workshops and competitions, providing an array of activities that dogs and their owners truly love.

Our training repertoire is diverse, yet each class serves a common purpose: to strengthen the bond between dogs and their owners, and to tap into the natural instincts and abilities of our four-legged friends. Our unique offerings include scent detection classes, where dogs harness their powerful noses, sports classes that play into their energy and drive, and mantrailing, an exciting activity that simulates search and rescue scenarios.

At Pure Dog Adventure Training, we don’t just train dogs; we also educate owners, helping them understand their dogs’ behaviours and develop techniques to enhance their mutual respect and trust. Our training methods revolve around fun, engagement, and positive reinforcement, ensuring that learning is a joy, not a chore, for your furry companions.

Our community is our heart and soul. We’ve cultivated an inclusive, engaging environment where dog lovers can share experiences, learn from each other, and celebrate their canine companions’ achievements. In our community, every tiny victory is a big deal, and every dog owner finds a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

Recently, we launched our new training centre, an outstanding facility complete with barns, stables, courtyards, and paddocks, offering dogs a variety of environments to explore, learn, and play in. We’re also on the cusp of unveiling a one-of-a-kind membership program focused on scent detection and sports classes, offering even more value to our loyal community.

Our mission at Pure Dog Adventure Training is to help you and your dog live the best life together. We cater to dog owners who love to engage with their pets in new and exciting ways, who see their dogs as more than pets – but as true members of the family. So, if you’re seeking adventure, yearning to enrich your bond with your dog, and eager to join a community that genuinely understands and shares your love for dogs, then Pure Dog Adventure Training is the place for you.”