Redhound for Dogs

Do you have a shivering whippet who hates the cold and won’t venture out in the rain?

Hi, I’m Debbie from Redhound for Dogs and with my husband David and a small team of talented ladies, we create clothing that will keep your whippet warm, dry and happy so they can enjoy life, whatever the weather!

With a passion for whippets and a shivering one who wanted a jumper that actually fitted him, in 2010 I left the world of bridal wear and started to make clothes for dogs. Bruno, our first whippet, inspired the brand that for the last 8 years has specialised in whippet wear.

With two young active whippets, George and Winnie, the range has expanded to produce our core products:

Lightweight raincoats
A range of jumpers
Gilets for layers
Puppy Packs

With over 35 years experience in the garment industry my understanding of fabric, fit and cut enables us to create unique and much loved practical yet stylish garments for whippets. All produced in our studio in the Kent countryside, proudly British made.

Keeping customers happy is our number one goal.

‘These coats are perfect for our whippets! I love that they have a hole on the back so that you can attach your harness to the leash under the coat. Our pups love wearing these on our walks, especially after the first cold front of the year.’ Ashley on Etsy

‘The fit is perfect! The quality is perfect!’ Sara

‘Can you stop making such lovely coats. I already have 7 coats & 4 t shirts & I’ve only got two dogs!’ Susanne

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