Relovable Pets

Are you struggling to find a dog or cat from the many animal shelters and rescue homes? was launched in May 2023 to help connect pet adopters with animals waiting in shelters for their forever home.

With over 1,000 shelters in the UK, the process of finding the right pet to adopt is fragmented, and keeping up to date with the pets available in the many shelters is almost impossible. As a result, there are dogs and cats that simply get overlooked and missed and wait months – even years for a new home.

After trying to adopt a dog ourselves and realising how disjointed the process is, we knew there was a need for one UK consolidated website of dogs and cats available for adoption – like a Rightmove for pet adopters! It’s 2023, and we believe technology should be helping to connect pet adopters with animals in shelters.

Our website is a community – a ‘hub’ for those not only looking to adopt a pet but those who may need pet products and services for their new furry friend!

We offer;

FREE membership – it’s super quick and easy to join!
Save & shortcut your favourite rescue dogs/cats, pet products or pet services,
Receive discounts from pet partners,
Lots of information on pet care, including diet, health, insurance, grooming, training ….

We are a member of the Pet Industry Federation and are committed to meet PAAG’s Advertising Standards.

JOIN our website now and help give a dog or cat a new loving home!