St Claws Academy

Feeling worried and anxious about your cats behaviour and unsure why they are behaving they way they are? I set up St Claws Academy so you can get support and guidance every step of the way. It can be difficult living with a cat who has a behavioural challenge – you love them and may not understand why they are behaving in this way. You may feel alone in this journey and have tried countless techniques but with little or no change. My aim is to help you feel happier with your cats behaviour and support you. I put a plan in place that is suited to you and your cat to help tackle the behavioural challenge. I am qualified (I studied a postgraduate diploma with University of Edinburgh Royal Vet School in clinical animal behaviour) and I am a provisional member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors.

I can help with cat behavioural challenges such as:

– Tension with cats who live together
– Toileting outside the litter tray
– Over vocalisation
– Enrichment and play ideas for cats

I can do this successfully in person or online.

I use kind methods that are rooted in science and do NOT use any techniques designed to scare your cat.

I set up St Claws Academy as I think cats are majestic creatures who deserve the best. They are definitely not small dogs! Sometimes their behaviour can be confusing but with the right understanding that is relevant for their needs (I always do my best to think cat!), they can be happier.

Here are some kind words that David said following on from a consultation with his pet cat Albie:

“Lisa did a great job for Albie and us, I wouldn’t have changed anything. He liked many of the ideas Lisa suggested including the cat tree. Lisa provided clear advice based on our circumstances”.

If you like, book a call with me to find out more about how I can help you and your cat, or download the enrichment guide