St Paws Training Academy

Fed up of hearing conflicting advice about why your dog is behaving as they are and how to work on it? I set up the polite pup club so you can have access to courses on topics such as coming back when called, not pulling on the lead , body language, as well as live Q and A sessions and worksheets, no matter the age of your dog.

If you’re worried about doing the wrong thing in response to your dogs behaviour, I’ve got your back and am here to guide and support you.

As a qualified behaviourist, who is a provisional member of the APBC and a dog trainer (who studied a postgraduate diploma in clinical animal behaviour at the University of Edinburgh Royal School of Vet Studies), I use kind, modern methods that find out the motivation and emotion of your dogs behaviour.

This avoids trying to push a circle in a square (and there is no way your dog is a square!).

As well as providing online services, I offer face to face sessions in St Albans and Hertfordshire for help with challenges such as :

-Dog to dog reactivity which makes walks stressful and overwhelming
-Pulling on the lead and hurting themselves and you
-Not coming back when called so your standing there calling them with your heart in your mouth worried they will run off. I also offer puppy classes so your puppy can learn life skills.

I set up St Paws Training Academy after wanting to learn everything I could about dogs after setting up my first business, a pet care business with the help of the Princes Trust charity in 2016. After a horrible encounter with a man in the park who went to tap the dog I was with on the nose in the name of ‘training her’, I vouched to learn all that I could to help other dogs not experience training in the wrong hands.

Here are some kind words: “Lisa was AMAZING at helping me to train my cockapoo pup Fen. As a first time dog owner I didn’t really know what I was doing and needed a fair bit of reassurance – Lisa was always very clear with her instructions and gave such good tips on how to embed training and practice at home. Lisa is super relaxed, friendly and positive.”

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