The Art of Dog Photography

I take photos of people with their dogs, using your dog as the magnet that draws clients into your world for both pet related and non-pet businesses alike.

My photos help:

  •  People who hate having their photo taken – your dog can be the distraction you need to get those all important photos for your business
  •  If you want to ditch the corporate look and become more relatable to your ideal clients?
  •  Maybe you have a ‘boring’ business and need to make yourself look different, welcoming and exciting.
  •  Or simply want to stand out from your competitors. Your dog will get you more eyes on your business, more engagement on your social media and make your business THE one they remember first.

My images make your personality shine through to your ideal client with headshots, lifestyle images, you at work, team photos, behind the scenes pics.

Nowadays, people have such short attention spans so using your dog will have an instant visual impact on social media, your website and marketing!

People buy with their emotions and there’s not a much stronger emotional pull than a dog.

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