PAWID QR Code Dog Tag

The UK’s very first scannable smart tag. It enables people who found your lost pet to access important information, such as contact and allergy information. Introducing PAWID‘s QR Code dog tag – the best dog tag with qr code technology. Our innovative, durable dog tag feature a scannable QR code that securely stores your pet’s […]

Best Dog Learning – Prey Drive Specialist

What is prey drive? If your dog can’t resist a chase then they probably have a high prey drive. Other dogs get their prey related fun using their nose to track down other animals. Those dogs tend to take off with no warning when there is nothing around to explain their sudden disappearance. Prey drive […]

Big Dog Bed Company

Big Dog Bed Company came into being because of the difficulty we experienced finding a large, good quality bed for our German Shepherd. Not only were the available beds not big enough, but the filling was inadequate and quickly became flattened. Even when we did find a well filled bed of the right size, there […]