Finding homes for dogs in need with the Tour De Rescue

Dominic Hodgson Tour De Rescue

Would you like to do your bit to support your local shelter with the Tour De Rescue? If you live in the North East, Derbyshire, the Peak District or North Wales then you can get involved in a fantastic series of events celebrating rescue dogs. Dog trainer and author Dominic Hodgson is saddling up to […]

How Buddy the abandoned Staffy became a Crufts superstar

Nicola Owst will never forget the first day she saw Buddy She was driving on the outskirts of London and passed some wasteland. On there was a crate with a dog locked in. Nicola stopped and at first she feared the poor animal was dead. But when she opened the door, the dog moved. Horrified, […]

Emma Billington wants to create an adventure playground at Dogs4Rescue

Animal lover Emma Billington shares her home with 35 dogs who she has rescued from all over the world And she has a dream to turn her free running rescue into an adventure playground so she can help more dogs find forever homes. Emma has saved hundreds of dogs from Romania, Bulgaria and Cyprus as […]