Ten ways to help dogs and cats cope with the stress of fireworks*

Fireworks season is one of the most stressful times of the year for our pets – and owners Research from the RSPCA found 62 per cent of dogs, 55 per cent of horses and 54 per cent of cats show signs of anxiety when they hear fireworks. A spokesperson from the charity said: “This fireworks […]

Behind the scenes at the Royal Canin Weight Management Clinic

Obesity is the number one medical concern for vets in the UK A worrying 59 per cent of dogs, 39 per cent of cats and 30 per cent of growing dogs are overweight. We spent a day at the Royal Canin Weight Management Clinic at Liverpool University with vet Alex German @TheFatVet and nurse Georgia […]

Dog friendly travel – 10 tips for taking your pooch on holiday

Our dogs are part of the family so it’s only fair that they join us on our holidays too! There’s so many dog and pet friendly cottages and hotels now that it’s easy to take our furry friends away. Dogs love to see different places and sniff new smells – Daisy loved exploring and we […]