Claire Guest founder of Medical Detection Dogs on her work with Parkinson’s

It’s likely you will be aware of the work Medical Detection Dogs do helping to fight cancer and other life threatening diseases. This week is Parkinson’s Awareness Week and Dr Claire Guest and her remarkable canine team are also working to detect the disease earlier. It’s a cause very close to Claire’s heart as her […]

The five social entrepreneurs changing lives with Purina’s Better With Pets

Having a pet is life changing – any owner will tell you that But some animals are going beyond being cute and cuddly. Purina recognises the people behind game changing initiatives taking place around the world through their Better With Pets Forum. This week the pet food brand gave prizes totalling £75,000 to support five […]

Pets, tech and the future – six things I learned at Better With Pets

Purina’s Pets In Society report reveals what the future holds for our furry friends 1. Pets will keep us human While we’re slaves to our smartphones with technology advancing faster than ever before, it’s our pets who are going to help keep us human. Gerd Leonhard, a leading futurologist and CEO of the Futures Agency […]