Meet London the Pets as Therapy Cat

Pets as Therapy Cat London

Meet London – the Pets as Therapy Cat who cheers up people when they’re laid up in hospital. The 16-month-old kitty has been trained to walk on a lead and harness so he can go into the Royal London hospital and comfort animal loving patients. London and his owner Isabel Serafim are both volunteers for […]

Pet friendly treats for your dog, cat or small furry this Easter!

It’s Easter this weekend and we know giving our pets chocolate is a big no-no! But there are plenty of gifts out there that they can have. We’re looking forward to a long weekend of walks and cuddles with Daisy who loves to join in any celebration. So while the kids tuck into their chocs, […]

Could 31-year-old Sasha be the World’s Oldest Cat?

Sasha is believed to be 31 – that’s 141 in human years! She’s survived being poisoned, had tumours removed from her mouth and nose and broken several ribs. Owner Beth O’Neill says plenty of water and fresh air, eating her favourite chicken and mince and being free to roam as she chooses is the secret […]