Doglost appeal – Can you help find Angel, Spot and Jack?

Our dogs mean the world to us – but imagine losing sight of them for just a few moments and them vanishing. This is a reality for tens of thousands of owners and is there to help people find their pets. A worrying five dogs are stolen every day in the UK and many […]

Doglost Appeal – Can you help find Isla, Harper and Rossi

Five dogs are stolen every day in the UK Earlier this month new figures were released on the number of dogs stolen and reported missing in the UK. Every day five dogs are taken and this number has risen each year for the last four years according to the data from Direct Line. Last year, […]

Doglost appeal – Can you help find Ruby, Beetle, Izzy and Dana?

Our dogs have such a special place in our hearts and lives The thought of losing them is unbearable. But heartbreakingly, every day around 60 pets in the UK are missing or stolen. Thankfully, help is out there. is a resource where thousands of people across the country are alerted when a dog is […]