How to enjoy Dog Yoga or Doga with Fiona Rigg

Fiona Rigg is a dog lover who after a successful career in food styling decided to take the plunge into the pet business world, Fiona founded the artisan and award winning brand PAWDinkum making handmade health treats and spa products for dogs.    Fiona has recently undergone 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training in India  to introduce Doga, […]

Nine ways to keep your dog’s teeth clean

How often do you clean your dog’s teeth? Every day? Every week? Or are you part of the 66% of dog owners who don’t brush them at all? March 20th is World Oral Health Day and a reminder that it’s as important to maintain our dog’s oral hygiene as it is our own. Along with […]

Expert advice on how to protect your dog against Alabama Rot

Woodland walks are linked to Alabama Rot.

Alabama Rot is a mysterious and deadly disease that has sadly already claimed the lives of 43 dogs this year. In June 2018, Vets4Pets announced four more cases of Alabama Rot were confirmed by Anderson Moores in Maplehurst in West Sussex, Farnborough in Hampshire, Romiley in Greater Manchester and Alphington, Exeter. It takes the total in […]