Joanne Jarvis pays tribute to her dog in Dexter’s Diary

Joanne Jarvis and Dexter

Pets bring us so much joy, but they live short lives and saying goodbye is the hardest and often kindest thing we can do. For Joanne Jarvis, losing her Dalmation Dexter just before his seventh birthday was devastating, and she decided to pay tribute to him in a book. The 47-year-old who lives in Holmes […]

Natalia Ashton shares her new book Perfect Cocker Spaniel

Natalia Ashton Perfect Cocker Spaniel

Like all dog mums, Natalia Ashton fell madly in love with English Cocker Spaniels when she welcomed her first Cocker puppy Oscar into her heart. She did everything she could to be the best puppy parent, studying training, grooming and canine nutrition. Heartbreakingly, Oscar died aged just seven in 2016 leaving Natalia, 42, and her […]

What it’s like to adopt another dog after your beloved pet has died

Being without a dog for the last few months has been a rollercoaster Daisy was by my side for nine years and I was completely bereft. I needed time and the thought of another dog coming into our lives brought with it so many emotions. It sounds silly but I felt guilty even considering it […]