Expert advice on how to keep pets cool and safe in the sun

Dog swimming

It’s lovely when the sun is shining but when the weather hots up we need to have a little more consideration for our furry friends On social media people have shared horrified posts about seeing dogs sweltering in cars and wincing as they walk on hot pavements. One woman even had to give a dog […]

Join the Get Pets Fit campaign and keep your pet healthy

Get Pets Fit with Sarah Robinson

Did you know that over half the dogs in the UK are overweight? Research by the Pet Food Manufacturers Association among 277 vets and 8000 UK households found that 100 per cent of vets were worried about pet obesity. A staggering 44 per cent of cats, 51 per cent of dogs and 29 per cent […]

Caring for your dog’s eye health for Dry Eye Awareness Month

We know Dry Eye is a condition that affects humans but our dogs can experience it too It’s a problem that only 45 per cent of owners are even aware of, but if it’s undetected, it can lead to blindness and even pets losing their eyes. Trendy breeds like Pugs and Bulldogs who have eyes […]