What do you do when you’re a pet blogger and your dog dies?

What happens if you’re a pet blogger or your pet is a social media influencer and they die? Because of the rise of dog influencers on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, owners are having to cope with the loss of their pet in the public eye. Pet journalist and blogger Rachel Spencer from The Paw Post Pet Blog shares her advice on how to cope.

It’s a question I faced exactly a year ago today when I said goodbye to Daisy Daisy had been by my side for nine years, and although she was a senior dog, losing her came as a shock. You might have read her story already. She was diagnosed with Canine Dementia last January and I […]

How puppy Buddy inspired Becky to set up K9Nation

Becky didn’t want to bore friends with endless photos of pup Buddy, so she created K9Nation – just for dogs! Like many puppy pawrents, Becky Baker felt overwhelmed when her Cockerpoo Buddy came into her life. At the time, Becky, 33, from Wakefield, was living alone and had always dreamed of having a dog of […]

How Labrador Bertie inspired Katie to launch her dream pet business

When Katie Tovey-Grindlay took in Labrador puppy Bertie she never dreamed he would change her life forever. She’d just left her job as a communications specialist in the Royal Navy, and having grown up around animals, was looking forward to having a pet of her own. Such was her devotion to Bertie, now six, that […]