Doglost Appeal – can you help find Louie, Nala and Dixie?

Next week is Pet Theft Media Day, May 9th. Newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations will be focusing on the impact of pets being stolen in the hope of bringing them home. Since January, we have been sharing a monthly appeal for Doglost, a not-for-profit organisation that helps people whose dogs have gone missing. It’s […]

Doglost Appeal – Can you help find Louie, Aika and Anna

The thought of anything happening to our dogs is unimaginable We share such an incredible bond with them but more than 60 dogs are stolen in the UK each week and many more go missing leaving families utterly shattered. There is help out there – via who are a huge community of volunteers across the […]

Dog owner campaigns for compulsory microchip scanning to combat dog theft

Dog owner Joanne Rutter wants to change a huge loophole in the microchipping law Joanne’s Labradoodle Hugo was snatched on a walk and now she is calling for vets to scan the microchip of every new animal they see to tackle pet theft. She’s launched a campaign after her four-year-old dog went missing while walking […]