Why does my dog chase squirrels?

Does your dog love chasing squirrels? As a terrier mum I have spent many a walk holding a lead and yelling my dog’s name at the top of my lungs. It’s something many owners of dogs with prey instincts can relate to and it can be a nightmare. You worry they may get lost, injured, […]

Training a rescue terrier with Sue McCabe – Part 3

When we adopted gorgeous Patch I decided I wanted to learn more about doggy behaviour and what drives our pups If you read parts one and two of Patch’s training diary you will see that the main areas we need to work on are him being excited around other dogs and recall. We’ve been working […]

Training a rescue terrier with Sue McCabe – Part 2

This is the second part of Patch’s training diary with Sue McCabe If you’re the owner of a young terrier you’ll know how excitable they can be. Patch is a lovely, friendly bundle of fun but he can be giddy and we need to work on improving his recall. I know that having this will […]