Expert advice on how to protect your dog against Alabama Rot

Woodland walks are linked to Alabama Rot.

Alabama Rot is a mysterious and deadly disease that has sadly already claimed the lives of 43 dogs this year. In June 2018, Vets4Pets announced four more cases of Alabama Rot were confirmed by Anderson Moores in Maplehurst in West Sussex, Farnborough in Hampshire, Romiley in Greater Manchester and Alphington, Exeter. It takes the total in […]

How to keep your pet safe from deadly antifreeze this winter

We speak to Carole whose dog Mischa nearly died after biting into a bottle of anitfreeze and experts on how owners can help their pets Did you know antifreeze could poison your pet? As the cold snap kicks in, we’re using it for our cars, in water features and might have bottles in the house. […]

Could 31-year-old Sasha be the World’s Oldest Cat?

Sasha is believed to be 31 – that’s 141 in human years! She’s survived being poisoned, had tumours removed from her mouth and nose and broken several ribs. Owner Beth O’Neill says plenty of water and fresh air, eating her favourite chicken and mince and being free to roam as she chooses is the secret […]