Dog friendly Dumfries and the Cairndale Hotel

Dog on bed at the Dog Friendly Cairndale Hotel

Are you thinking of visiting Dumfries and looking for a dog friendly destination for you and your dog? The Cairndale Hotel is right in the centre of the Scottish town and perfectly placed for walks and exploring. And when it comes to welcoming four legged guests, forget dog friendly, this is dog red carpet. We […]

Can our dogs be the key to us finding the perfect partner?

Valentine’s Day – for many years those two words filled me with dread Having spent most of my 20s and 30s single, it was a day of horror! The gushing Facebook updates, the endless photos of flowers and teddy bears, I hated it.Despite having a boyfriend now, I’m still not a huge fan. But I […]

Best compostable poo bags for dogs

There’s no getting away from it; we have to scoop that poop! So I’ve been on a bit of a poo bag testing mission to see which are the best eco-friendly poo bags on the market right now. What’s important when picking a poo bag for your dog’s daily droppings? Nobody wants that horrific moment […]