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Best compostable poo bags for dogs

There’s no getting away from it; we have to scoop that poop!

So I’ve been on a bit of a poo bag testing mission to see which are the best eco-friendly poo bags on the market right now.

What’s important when picking a poo bag for your dog’s daily droppings?

Nobody wants that horrific moment when your finger slips through the bag into something warm and whiffy, so strength and durability are definitely high up on the wish list.

It’s equally frustrating struggling to find your way into the bag so you can do the right thing when you’re dog’s done a whoopsie.

And I don’t know about you but I prefer mine to be scent free – I don’t like the combination of poop infused with a fragrance!

Here you’ll find reviews of five of the leading compostable poo bags on sale in the UK

Each of the bags on this list is home compostable meaning you can take it home and put it in your own composting bin.

Just be sure not to use it on anything edible when you put it back in the garden.

*All prices are correct at the time of publication in March 2021.

For this piece, I also brought in dog walker Rikki Sullivan to share her findings with me as she walks dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Rikki also has a copywriting business where she helps pet brands with content, so do go and check her out at

Without further ado, let’s talk dog poo…. Bags!

Compostable poo bags review
How each of the bags look when filled – I used a small tennis ball to spare Patch’s blushes

How eco-friendly is your choice of dog poo bag?

Have you heard the term greenwashing?

As we’re all becoming more aware of the need for us to make lifestyle changes that are kinder to the planet, so too are marketers finding creative ways to make us think we are making green or eco-friendly choices.

Greenwashing is a term used to describe companies’ techniques to convince us we are making green choices when, in fact, they’re not quite as great as they seem.

The words oxo-degradable, degradable and compostable are used almost interchangeably, but they are very different.

Oxo-degradable and degradable products are often marketed as ‘biodegradable’ and will break down over time, but how long they take to do so can be as long as 1000 years!

Not only that, but they will still leave behind fragments of plastic, so they’re not quite as eco-friendly as they may seem.

But compostable means that the product is made of organic material, and so it will degrade completely, usually in a matter of between three and six months in the right conditions.

Compostable products are also biodegradable meaning they break down naturally, but without leaving behind unnatural elements.

The five brands we tried and how they look when lined up together

How to dispose of your compostable poo bags

In an ideal world, our compostable poo bags would be composted and you can do this at home, in a dedicated compost bin for poo, or in a wormery.

But if you’re putting your compostable poo bag into the poo bin at the local park, they are still a far better alternative to plastic.

When they make their way to be incinerated, they won’t be releasing the same toxic fumes as the alternative plastic products, so there is still a benefit.

And if they go into landfill, they decompose naturally.

If you are super keen to reduce your impact on the environment, you could consider home composting.

Please be aware that you cannot use this compost on edible plants as pathogens could remain.

Five compostable poo bags tried and tested

Adios Plastic come in a range of colours. We tried and tested the grey.

Adios Plastic


Cost: £9.99 for 120 bags

Colour range: Slate grey, coral pink, or rainbow with a mix of colours

Size: 33x23cm

Texture of bag: Glossy and relatively thick

How easy is it to open? Easy to separate and open

How long does it take to decompose? Approx. 90 days

Would you chance it after a wash in the machine? Yes

Overall score: 9.5/10

Adios Plastic poop bags are compostable and biodegradable and decompose within around 90 days.

They are made 100% from plants, making them a genuinely eco-friendly poop bag.

There’s no question that bigger dogs inevitably produce bigger poops!

These are the largest of the bags in our round-up, so an excellent choice for those with small and larger pups to pick up after.

These scent-free poo bags are quite thick, so there was no worry that I’d pop my finger through while picking up poo. In fact, even when I tried, I had to exert quite some pressure to poke my finger through the bag.

Available with handles or without, they come in a range of colours; there’s even a mixed rainbow pack to brighten up your poo picking.

I used the Slate Grey and they do a great job of disguising the poo if you’d prefer not to see what’s inside the bag!

Finally, they can be composted at home, and a minimum of 1 per cent of sales are donated to 1 per cent For The Planet to help clean up our oceans and take care of wildlife.

If you’re on a mission to do your bit for the earth, then these are fab.

The Green Poop Bag bags were the only ones we tried with handles and come in regular and extra large

The Green Poop Bag


Cost: £9.99 for 120 bags

Colour range: Dark Green

Size: 22.5 x 33cm

Texture of bag: Silky and strong

How easy is it to open?  Very easy to open

How long does it take to decompose? 90 – 180 days

Would you chance it after a wash in the machine? Yes

Overall score: 9.5/10

The Green Poop Bag Company bags are home compostable and biodegradable, made from a blend of sugar and corn starch. They come in a lovely dark green with a couple of cute cartoon dogs on them.

These poop bags have handles that make them nice and easy to tie up and dispose of. They separate really easily and do a super job at disguising their contents to boot.

The handles make them feel a tad smaller due to the handles impacting on the bag size, but that’s a trade-off for the ease of tying!

I chose the regular size but you can get them in XL which are 28cm by 33cm for larger dogs.

They are quite thick and didn’t split at all in use.

When I tried exerting more force on them, they did tear, but I wouldn’t ever imagine using this pressure even picking up the stickiest of doggy doo.

No double bagging is required here!

The Green Poop Bag Company donate a percentage of profits to Friends of the Earth, helping to improve the planet one poop at a time!

They’ve also won the Green Apple Environmental Award for Best Environmental Practice last year, which as a new company is a huge accolade.

The Fetch•It bags come in green, blue and red. We tried the green



Cost: £5.49 for 60 bags

Colour range: Dark green, blue and red

Size: 22.5x33cm

Texture of bag: Durable and tough

How easy is it to open?  Very easy to open

How long does it take to decompose? ‘Within weeks’ according to website

Would you chance it after a wash in the machine? Yes

Overall score: 9/10

I like the feel of these poo bags. They feel really tough and thick and do an excellent job at providing a barrier to that feeling of heat through the bag when you poo pick!

They are made from cornstarch, are compostable, and come in a lovely shade of green with a cartoon of the earth, a cat, a dog, and their paw prints.

I tested the ones without handles, but they are also available with handles and in red and blue.

Fetch•It poo bags have a slightly different design to the others in that they kind of bunch together at the bottom.

This makes them able to bear the weight of even the heavier poops you scoop. They are very sturdy!

The print on these bags makes it easy to see which end the opening is at, and they were effortless to separate, they just slide apart.

I loved these bags as they match my Dogfit Canicross harness.

Fetch•It donates 1% of its profits to three charities depending on which design you choose; Moor trees, Surfers against sewage, and Underdog International.

And they currently (March 2021) are offering 20 per cent discount to NHS staff and key workers.

We tried out a travel pack of the Rosewood Pet Compostable Range

Rosewood Pet


Cost: £5.99 for 60 bags

Colour range: Blue

Size: 22.5x32cm

Texture of bag: Smooth, thin, and stretchy

How easy is it to open? These bags were a little tricky to open

How long does it take to decompose? Approx. 180 days

Would you chance it after a wash in the machine? No. Impossible to separate after a spin in the machine

Overall score: 7/10

I love the colour of these poo bags; they are a vibrant and bright blue with paw prints all over.

They come on a roll of 15 bags, with four rolls in the box, and are scent-free.

Rosewood Poo Bags are compostable and made from bioplastics.

They are a smidge smaller than the Adios Plastic but still a decent size and will do the job of clearing up poops of all sizes!

These poop bags feel quite thick, and I had no leakages or fingers through, although when trying, they did split with a little pressure.

They aren’t entirely opaque, but they do a pretty good job at obscuring the contents with the colour.

Getting the bags separated was a bit tricky at times. They are a bit sticky at the opening, so they need a bit of persistence to help them part!

We tried out the travel pack of the Beco Pet range which were kindly gifted



Cost: £5.99 for 60 bags

Colour range: Light green

Size: 22.5x33cm

Texture of bag: Silky-smooth and thin

How easy is it to open?  Very easy

How long does it take to decompose? Unspecified

Would you chance it after a wash in the machine? Yes

Overall score: 7/10

These are the most transparent of the poo bags in our line up, so if you don’t like to see the poop squished up on the side of the bag, then these aren’t for you!

These are compostable poo bags made from cornstarch.

Please note that Beco also stocks degradable poo bags that are NOT compostable, so if this is important to you, make sure you pick the right ones!

These bags are strong with a good robust seam at the bottom, they don’t feel super thick, but they hold up well.

They are resistant and weren’t easy to tear even with my pressure test!

They also faired very well in the washing machine at 40 degrees, coming out practically the same as they went in once they dried out.

They measure in at 22.5x33cm, so they are pretty standard in size and can deal with poos of all sizes!

The five types of compostable poo bags in the test
The five brands we tested, Adios Plastic, Beco, Fetch•It, Rosewood Pet and The Green Poop Bag

What’s the eco friendly poo bag verdict?

My personal favourites are the Adios Plastic and The Green Poop Bag Company, but honestly, you couldn’t go far wrong with any of these.

I’d happily use them all for my poop picking duties.

And I will be doing as I bought all the products tested with the exception of Beco who gifted two travel size boxes I so have enough poo bags for the next two years.

Patch doesn’t much care what I use to scoop, he is raring to crack on with our walkies and find something else to sniff!

Which ones are you going to give a go? I’d love to know how you get on and whether they get your poop picking paw of approval!

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Best Compostable Poo Bags for Dogs review

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