Best compostable poo bags for dogs

There’s no getting away from it; we have to scoop that poop! So I’ve been on a bit of a poo bag testing mission to see which are the best eco-friendly poo bags on the market right now. What’s important when picking a poo bag for your dog’s daily droppings? Nobody wants that horrific moment […]

Pilates for dogs – how canine pilates can keep your pet healthy

Pilates is a healthy way to improve our strength and flexibility but did you know it can help dogs too? I was fascinated to discover this and was absolutely thrilled when Lindsey Fidler, a canine fitness instructor from Rotherham invited me along to one of her classes. Lindsey studied Equine Psychology at Nottingham Trent University […]

Pet friendly products we tried and tested in May

We love trying out pet friendly products for our dog blog! And this month we have a very special tester, our friend Layla the White Boxer Dog. Layla lives with my friends Chris and Jane in Stockport and is a gorgeous young puppy who kindly lent a paw in sampling some dog friendly goodies. Her […]