St Paws Training Academy

Fed up of hearing conflicting advice about why your dog is behaving as they are and how to work on it? I set up the polite pup club so you can have access to courses on topics such as coming back when called, not pulling on the lead , body language, as well as live […]

St Claws Academy

Feeling worried and anxious about your cats behaviour and unsure why they are behaving they way they are? I set up St Claws Academy so you can get support and guidance every step of the way. It can be difficult living with a cat who has a behavioural challenge – you love them and may […]

PAWID QR Code Dog Tag

The UK’s very first scannable smart tag. It enables people who found your lost pet to access important information, such as contact and allergy information. Introducing PAWID‘s QR Code dog tag – the best dog tag with qr code technology. Our innovative, durable dog tag feature a scannable QR code that securely stores your pet’s […]