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Dog walker invents dog trousers to tackle muddy paws!

How would a dog wear trousers?

It’s a question that went viral earlier this year and for Harriet Sinfield-Day, founder of The Dog Trouser Company, it’s a no brainer.
They’re worn on all four legs, with a panel in the middle covering the tummy, braces to hold them up and velcro above the paws!
Harriet runs a dog hiking business and created the pawsome pants after struggling to get muddy dogs clean post walkies.
She explained: “My clients live in the stockbroker belt and when you’re taking a muddy cockapoo back to a £20 million house with white interiors, you find yourself frantic with worry about the mess they inevitably make.
“I would towel dry them off as best I could but they would often run in and shake up the walls, jump on the sofas or just lay their muddy tummies down on the kitchen floor.
“I’d be mortified and would frantically clean up. It was very time consuming and I began to dread the winter coming.”

Harriet Sinfield Day created dog trousers to help keep paws pristine!
Harriet’s furry fashionable clients Sky, Bentley and Blu in their dog trousers

The former schoolteacher spotted a set of dog trousers while on holiday in America.
She decided to create her own, made of the same durable material used for sailing jackets and kit bags.
At £75 a pair, they’re not cheap, but can last the lifetime of a dog if cared for properly and popped in the washing machine after each wear.
They cover the legs and belly, with room at the back to answer the call of nature.
They’re secured with velcro just above the paws and adjustable straps across the shoulders and back.

Harriet Sinfield Day decided to make dog trousers after growing fed up with muddy paws.
Blu and Bentley show you can have fun AND keep paws pristine!

I put them to the test on Daisy who normally hates any kind of clothing.

She had a wriggle around when I put them on and looked a bit puzzled.
So I got her ball thrower and took her to the field for a run around.
She soon forgot the trousers and ran just as fast as normal.
Living near Manchester and it being November, it was nice and muddy too.
She ran through puddles and bogs and was soon covered in mud up to the top of her legs and belly.
The test was how she looked when I took the trousers off.
She was dry and clean – all I had to wipe was her paws with a baby wipe and didn’t flinch when she jumped back on the sofa!
When I spoke with Harriet, I wanted to find out how people reacted seeing the dogs in their trousers.
She regularly takes six dogs out at a time in them and says while some will laugh, dog owners totally get them!
As Daisy and I walked off the field, we had the same response.
A woman walking her Labrador started chuckling and said: “Oh my gosh they are amazing! I need them for my dog!”

Daisy from The Paw Post Pet Blog tries out dog trousers.
Daisy tries dog trousers – looking like an extra from All Saints circa 1998

Not surprisingly, the trend has taken off with nearly 500 sets sold since the launch earlier this year.

Harriet thinks this is due to them simply being practical.
“We humanise dogs and treat them like children,” she explains. “So if there was something that would prevent your child leaving mud all over the house, you’d use it.
“A lady chased me down the road asking where she could get them. They also help dogs who have had surgery and suffer grass allergies.”

Harriet with adorable rescue dog Alma who inspired The Dog Trouser Company

Animal lover Harriet donates a portion of all sales to the Romanian dog charity 1 Dog At A Time.

She rescued Alma, three, a Romanian Shepherd, last year.
A street dog, she’d been savagely beaten and kicked while pregnant and was found tied up with barbed wire around her neck.
She was so badly injured her puppies died, and the woman who saved her contacted 1 Dog At A Time to find her a home as she was living in a chicken coop.
Harriet heard her tragic story on Facebook, fell in love and she came to live in the UK.
She said: “It was her shaggy, mud attracting coat that first put the idea of dog trousers in my head.
“She’s a big dog, 35 kilos, so putting her in the bath every day wasn’t an option.
“It’s lovely to see her settled and happy now after all she has been through.
“And that something inspired by her being a mucky pup is helping other dogs enjoy life too.”

Here’s how Daisy got on with the dog trousers!

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  1. I have 5 dogs altogether but it’s just the one who desperately needs this, she’s a woolly husky and trying to dry her off especially in winter is a mammoth task that I never look forward to, we would love to win so winter walks start being enjoyable again 🙂

  2. Our little maisey moo is always a little soaked & muddy “ratkins” as she does literally look like a most pathetic drenched &/ or muddy little rat bless her ????, we find as the winter goes on that we have to avoid some walks altogether & are always trying to avoid the most muddiest parts with her being so low to the ground & loving to run fast fast fast !! We’ve had a few coats but nothing covers her tum enough & we have a brand new one that’s sat there unworn for a good long while now as it won’t fit her dimensions propely, it covers her legs but she can’t walk comfortably in it at all let alone run in it unfortunately, it’s always a pollava trying to flannel her down at the door when arriving back home again, & now with a baby in tow even harder, especially when you’re on you’re own with the two of them! … the trousers sound like such a fab idea for making many dog owners lives easier to me so happier you = happy dog always ????, I’m very exited to be in with a chance of winning a pair 4 us! ???? ???? ????????

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