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Daisy and the girls at Scruffts

Our epic day at Discover Dogs and coming runner up in Scruffts!

It’s been two weeks since we went to Discover Dogs and we’re still on top of the world at Daisy coming runner up in Scruffts!

Tommy’s daughters Hannah and Millie entered the Child’s Best Friend category at the Family Pet Show in Manchester in September.
Never did we dream that she would win!
It meant we were invited to the Scruffts semi finals at Discover Dogs at the ExCel in London.
More than 1,300 cross breed dogs from across the UK take part so for Daisy to do so well was amazing.
All the contestants had heartwarming stories, like Nathan who came third with his dog Ron Weasley.
Ron is a medical detection dog and as Nathan has diabetes, he monitors his blood sugar levels and raises the alarm.
One young girl told how her dog helped her recover from an accident that meant she had to use a wheelchair.
Another had struggled with depression and anxiety and her dog helped her overcome them.
It was such a tear jerker – like the X Factor only with dogs!

The girls see her every other weekend when they stay with her dad and they are fantastic with her.

On the day, she was scared of the noise and lights as she was in Manchester and bless them, they fussed over her and gave her treats and cuddles to settle her.
When it came to their turn, they told the judges a little about Daisy’s background, her being a 12-year-old rescue from Manchester Dogs Home.
Asked what they liked doing, they replied playing with her ball, going to the park and snuggling up watching movies (always about dogs too!)
We never imagined she would be placed in the top three, and when her name was called after Nathan’s her dad and I had our jaws on the floor!
First place was Rufus the Cockerpoo and Dylan who will be taking part in Crufts this year.
Dylan told the judges how much fun they had together and how he wanted to spend every minute with him.

Watch this video to see the Scruffts judges choose their Child’s Best Friend winner!


Afterwards, we chatted to the panel and they said they were looking for lots of interaction between the children and their dogs

Because Hannah and Millie did all they could to settle and reassure Daisy, that’s why they made the top three!
We were super proud of Daisy as she’d had a tough couple of weeks in the run up.
She’d been poorly so we took her to the vets to find she had pancreatitis, which meant three days on a drip.
But she bounced back and we checked with Rachel at Willows Vets in Lymm whether she would be ok to go.
She was pleased with her progress and said she would be ok.
All the team there were thrilled when they heard how well she’d done too!
It was a day we’ll never forget and the girls met Joshua King and Biscuit, last year’s winners. 
We can’t wait to see how Dylan and Rufus get on at Crufts and will be wishing them lots of luck!

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