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Our day at The Family Pet Show and qualifying for Scruffts!

This weekend we went to The Family Pet Show and Daisy and the girls won the Scuffts Child’s Best Friend contest!

We are all still in total shock!

The girls have never taken Daisy in a show before and their dad Tommy and I only decided to go along at the last minute.
Their grandparents Joan and Baxter were over for the weekend and, along with my mum Maggie, they agreed it would be a brilliant day out.
The show isn’t just about dogs. We saw alpacas, donkeys, Shetland ponies, cats, ferrets, giant tortoises, the list goes on and on.
Lucy Heath and Trip Hazard from Britain’s Got Talent were there and put on a brilliant show.
Her gorgeous dogs hopped over the children’s backs and weaved in and out of their legs which they absolutely loved.

The amazing giant tortoises at the Family Pet Show.

The amazing giant tortoises

The cute Alpacas at the Family Pet Show.

Cute Alpacas

Manchester Dog’s Home had a brilliant stand with a Santa Paws grotto for dogs.

Daisy, who was rescued by staff there ten years ago, left with two squeaky toys which she demolished in about ten minutes!
The girls got to ‘hug a pug’ a campaign where they take gorgeous pugs to events and round schools to raise awareness of the fantastic work Manchester Dog’s Home do.

But the highlight was the Family Pet Show Child’s Best Friend contest and we can’t believe Daisy won!

Out of all the dogs in the ring, she was the oldest at the age of 12, and she was last to go in to line up.
Daisy sometimes gets stressed by flashing lights and noise, and as you can imagine there was a lot of both.
The girls were brilliant at calming her down, cuddling her and giving her treats.
When the judges finally went over to chat to her, she’d been having a good old woof and for a little dog, she doesn’t half make a noise!
They asked the girls what she was like, the activities they enjoy sharing and how old she was and then went off to make their deliberations.
Then they came out and chose the final six – Daisy was the last dog to be called out.
I was stood by the edge of the ring, filming it and ready to collect her and the girls and take her back to the rest of our group.

Daisy and the girls at the Family Pet Show winning Child's Best Friend

Daisy with her rosette

Daisy and the girls at the Family Pet Show winning Child's Best Friend

Daisy posing

When her name was called I was gobsmacked and we were all jumping up and down like mad!

Next, they chose the final three, and again, we didn’t think we would get a look in.
Then the judge announced: “And our winner is the oldest dog her, she’s 12 years old, it’s Daisy!”
I was in tears, Daisy was woofing and the girls were staring at each other in a mixture of shock and utter glee.
They were interviewed for Channel 4 – it was like being in some kind of whirlwind!
It was  the most amazing experience for all of us, particularly the girls.
The girls are only seven and ten and they love Daisy so much and although she’s only been in their lives for the last two years they have really bonded.

Now, we’re hoping to join in the next round at Eukanuba Discover Dogs

Eukanuba Discover Dogs takes place at the ExCel in London on 21st and 22nd November.
We’ll keep you posted but in the meantime, here’s our top tips for youngsters taking part in their first dog show!

1. Have a rehearsal at home. Think about what the judges might ask about your dog, such as age, activities they like, quirky habits and their background.
2. Practice walking on the lead. It’s good for children to get used to walking the dog in a small area like the show ring on their own, so try a park or field where you can watch and help.
3. Take some treats and a toy. Most dogs aren’t used to being in arenas with lots of noises, lights and smells, so take something to comfort and reward them.
4. Have a pamper party. Give your dog a bath and a nice groom and make them feel special for their big day. Daisy wore a lovely Ditsy Pet bandana, collar and lead set.
5. Enjoy yourselves! Shows are about fun and creating memories to treasure. It’s not about winning, it’s about taking part and sharing special times with your pet.

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