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We join 30,000 dogs at The Great North Dog Walk

Daisy likes meeting new dogs – so when we heard about the Great North Dog Walk we had to go along!

With more than 30,000 dogs taking part, the event holds the Guinness World Record for having the most dogs take part in a walk in one place.
It was founded by former teacher Tony Carlisle in 1990 and he’s raised £6.32 million for charity and has been voted UK fundraiser of the year twice.
This year they donated to 34 different charities, including Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter and Dog’s Trust.
So what’s it like?
Well, we arrived early, and found it’s not just a treat for the pooches.
There was plenty of Artisan food stalls for their humans too.
And the whiff of bacon sent Daisy into a frenzy before we’d even started!

We saw loads of different stall holders, ranging from dog cafe owners to animal paramedics and lots of fantastic charities.

We made some new furry friends, including Roo, a famous dog who was born without his front legs.
And we even got to watch two dogs get married which was pawsome.
Daisy got spoiled with treats, and was keen to get walking!
With the smell of the sea air and the sound of bagpipes, it was a pretty exciting start for the dogs, with lots of woofing.
Once the ribbon was cut we were off on a three mile loop.

We met a new fur-end, Roo!

The Great North Dog Walk sets off – a pretty spectacular sight!

Daisy and Tommy!

The walk starts where the Great North Run ends in South Shields and you set out along lovely grassland.

You pass the Marsden Grotto pub which is stunning, built into the cliff with its own private beach, so ideal if you fancy a quick pint!
Daisy decided she wanted to check out the pub so I had a pint while the manager gave her some treats.
She loves a beer garden (as does her dad!) and it’s possibly the best we’ve ever been to.

Then you go back on yourself along the coastal path, taking in the sea air and stunning views.

Everyone was beaming, and the dogs were in their element too with lots of waggy tails and smily faces!
It’s a real mix too, with an estimated 185 different breeds taking part.
These ranged from tiny Chihuahuas being carried to Alsatians dragging their owners around!
After our first lap, Daisy decided she’s enjoyed it so much she wanted to go around again.
It was a brilliantly organised event.
There was a huge area filled with water bowls and, refreshingly, everyone picked up after their pooch.
We take our hat off to Tony for creating something really special and can’t wait to return next year.
Here’s his website if you’d like to find out more and if you’re doing something amazing in the dog world, get in touch!

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