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Pet friendly products we tried and tested in March

We love trying out pet friendly products – Daisy very much likes the treats!

In March we tried out a Ruffle Snuffle enrichment mat, an Equafleece Tankie, a luxury dog carrier from Teddy Maximus and the Pooch Play activity tracker.

Ruffle Snuffle enrichment mat

I’ve been following Sarah White who creates these on Twitter and as Daisy is getting older, keeping her mentally stimulated at home is important to me.
As a terrier, most toys we get are ripped apart in minutes, so I was drawn to the mat as it’s long lasting and I read reviews from other terrier parents about it being very durable.
We chose the Ruffle Snuffle Magic in a small which is the brightest of the collection and Daisy chewed her way through the box it came in and looked very excited when she discovered what was inside.
It’s created by an animal behaviourist and Sarah sent a very detailed guide on how to use it, sprinkling treats on it for the first few days then taking it away, until dogs have learned to calmly sniff the mat for their rewards. It’s machine washable too.
The mat can be used for training to teach self control, so you tell the dog to sit while you prepare the mat, or leave, or as a distraction or soother, and you can put kibble food in to slow down fast eaters.
With dogs, smell is their greatest sense, so using this is really rewarding. It’s ideal for dogs of all ages but I particularly like it for Daisy because as a senior dog it’s fun for her without straining her old joints.

£12.50, Daisy has the small Ruffle Snuffle Magic

Having a good sniff around the Ruffle Snuffle enrichment mat!

Equafleece Tankie

Daisy isn’t a big fan of clothes or coats but it’s been so cold recently and I heard great things about the Equafleece so we picked one up at Crufts.
We chose the ‘Tankie’ which goes over the head and front paws – that’s more than enough for Daisy.
I loved that it wasn’t restrictive and fitted snug to her body.
It didn’t feel heavy like other coats we’ve tried and failed with and after a while she didn’t seem to know she was wearing it.
Equafleeces are breathable, 100% rain proof and the Tankie we chose is designed for dogs who are ‘finicky about their legs and feet.’
We’ve been really impressed at how it kept Daisy dry – and she was happy to walk in it.
You can get Equafleeces in all kinds of styles, from jumpers and coats to a full ‘onesie’ style dog suit.

£23, Daisy wears 18-20 inch and there is a measuring guide on 

The Equafleece will come in handy during a wet spring!

Teddy Maximus luxury dog carrier

This was actually a Christmas present for Daisy – well I say that but it was also a present for me – and it’s been so handy I thought I would include it.
Teddy Maximus is a luxury brand and I ummed and ahhed about the price tag but then I figured as Daisy is getting older, she needs to travel in style.
Sometimes when we’re out and about she gets tired and with this I can scoop her up and carry her safely by zipping her into the bag. It’s ideal on buses, trains, tubes and for taxi rides too – no hair shedding on the seats.
We chose the Navy Signature print which has little dogs on. The straps of the bag are a soft Italian leather and there’s a side pocket for treats.
It doubles as a bed and has a removable, washable cushion for comfort. You unzip it and open the bag up, so if you’re visiting friends or just in the pub, your dog can snuggle down for a nap.
It’s fleece lined and is soft and cosy. Everywhere we have taken this bag we have had so many people ask us about it – we love it!

£199, Daisy has the medium size bag recommended for dogs up to 8kg

Daisy travelling in style in her Teddy Maximus dog carrier

Pooch Play activity tracker

I’ve written about pet trackers before, having tested out the Pit Pat and the Fitbark as a journalist which is my day job.
We’re always keen to see what other products are on the market, so when Pooch Play asked us to review their device we were thrilled.
This is the smallest and lightest of all the trackers we’ve tested at just 6g. It clips onto the D ring on the collar and has a six month battery life.
You fill out a profile with your pet’s name, breed, birthday and weight and it also asks for a Body Condition Score where you choose the shape your dog most resembles.
The PDSA found that one in three dogs – that’s 2.5 million – in the UK are overweight so addressing this gets the paws up from us.
At 7.3kg Daisy’s weight and condition score was ideal.
Using their age, weight and breed, it gives exercise guidelines. For Daisy, it suggested 60 minutes of activity, which I considered high.
This updates though the day, showing a percentage of their target, and each day you can see how long they’ve spent being active, resting and how many miles they’ve covered.
Pooch Play asks users to add when their dog has their wormer, vaccination, grooming appointment and teeth brushed and a Personal Assistant tool in the app prompts owners when they are due.
The only negative for me was the exercise goal – I would suggest users check with a vet.
Overall a good all round tracker that covers many aspects of pet health, and affordable.

£39.99 from

The Paw Post Dog Blog tries Dog friendly products
Daisy puts the Pooch Play dog activity monitor to the test!

Date for your diary for May – The Mayhew Open Day

If you’re in London and planning your doggy diary you can support the Mayhew Animal Home at their annual Open Day in May.
It’s on May 13th from 11am to 4pm and you can visit the Cattery and relax with the TheraPaws dogs and meet animals who are waiting for their forever homes.
Tickets are £3 for adults and £2 for children and concessions. To support this fantastic rescue, visit    

If you have a pet friendly product you’d like us to review, click HERE to get in touch or if you like reading about pet friendly products, you might enjoy Tried and Tested – pet friendly products we tested in February 

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