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Doglost Appeal – Can you help find Socks, Bogyo and Willow?

For our Doglost appeal this month we are sharing the stories of Socks, Bogyo and Willow.

Have you ever lost sight of your dog for just one moment? It’s terrifying thinking of losing them.

But for these families through no fault of their own their pets are missing and they need help in tracing them.

According to research by Sainsburys Pet Insurance, 60 pets go missing every hour. Many are found but for those families who are still searching the waiting is heartbreaking.

The families of Socks, Bogyo and Willow share their stories for our July appeal.

Missing Border Collie Socks
Desmond and Socks

Cheerful and bouncy, Socks was a working dog on the farm she lived on with owners Desmond and Katherine Townsend.

But she was very much part of the family too and  their worlds were torn apart a year ago when the two year old dog went missing.

Socks had been working on their farm in Chastleton, Gloucestershire, when she disappeared from near a gate on the field where she was working with their cattle.

That was on July 21st 2018 and the brown and white Collie hasn’t been seen.

Speaking about the impact of losing Socks, the family said: “She was a companion animal as well as a working dog and her owners are used to having a dog at home.

“This has left a huge hole in their lives and they are so desperate to hear news of where she is.

“Desmond and Katherine are both over 70 and can’t think about getting another dog until they know what happened to her.”
Desmond and a photo of his beloved girl Socks

The couple have put up posters all over the area, carried out searches in the area and online, checking buying and selling sites and the police are involved.

They have been to local shows and called in Doglost and Harvey’s Army to no avail and there is a reward on offer for information leading to her return.

“We will continue our relentless search until she is home,” the couple said. “Whoever has her is committing a crime and she needs to be back home with her family.

“Please, just let her come home.”

If you know anything about Socks, please call Doglost on 0844 800 3220 quoting ID 132136 or visit  Socks’ Doglost pagehere 

Missing Toy Poodle Bogyo
Missing Toy Poodle Bogyo

Mini Poodle Bogyo’s family has spent £2,500 trying to find her with a huge social media campaign after she went missing while with a pet sitter last Boxing Day.

Her owner Bettina lives in Abridge, Essex and is desperate for news on her as two-year-old Bogyo is an anxious girl.

The little dog was with the pet sitter and someone called at their home and left the gate open and she is said to have escaped.

Bettina said: “We don’t really understand what happened as our other dog was with her in the garden and they usually stick to each other like glue.

“It is a mystery and we are all heartbroken and devastated, we miss her so much, she is part of the family.

“Having that call, being told she was gone, was such a shock, we want her back home.”
Bogyo has distinctive markings so please be vigilant.

Posters have been put up and her family have put appeals on social media and ran ad campaigns in a bid to find her.

She is microchipped, was wearing a red harness when she went missing, and a reward is on offer for her safe return.

Bettina added: “Bogyo has striking markings and her coat will have changed and grown from when she went missing.

“So we would urge anyone who has seen a dog similar to her to get in contact with us.”

Bogyo has a black face, white eyebrows, a white body and a black spot on one of her front legs.

You can visit her Facebook page here and if you have any information on Bogyo, call Doglost on 0844 800 3220 quoting ID 138637 or visit Bogyo’s Doglost profile here

Missing Lhaso Apso Willow

Missing Doglost Case 142691 Willow
Missing Lhaso Apso Willow

Willow went missing from her home in Matching Green in Essex on March 14th this year.

The Lhasa Also is now 16 months old and was playing in the garden when she vanished, going under the garden fence into nearby fields.

Her owner Linda Smith says their family is devastated. “Willow is my baby and she has a lovely, bubbly nature,” she said.

“She loves being cuddled and is such a funny little dog. She would sleep in the bed with me at night and we all loved her like a baby. All the family are bereft and my grandchildren miss her terribly.

“It’s really important that she is found because she has a condition called ‘back sneezing’ which sounds like a very bad cough and needs special care.”

Missing Doglost Case 142691 Willow
Willow at home with her toys

Linda has hired tracker dogs to try to find her and a drone company but has been unable to trace Willow.

She said: “We are all so worried about her and want her home. She is a sweet girl and all she has ever known is a loving family.

“If she has got lost and has been found and kept, we want people to know that she is from a loving home and we miss her so much. We want her home safely.

“She is microchipped and we keep hoping to hear from a vet who has scanned her and who realises she is missing.”

There is a £1000 reward for Willow’s safe return and anyone with information is asked to call Doglost on 0844 800 3220 quoting ID 142691 or visit Willow’s profile on Doglost here. 

Can you help these families by sharing their stories?

Every post, tweet or simply talking about their cases increases their chances of being found so please if you have time, share their stories.

If they are local to you, please keep a look out and tell other dog owners in your community as well.

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