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Doglost Appeal Amy Archie Polly

Doglost Appeal – can you help find Polly, Amy and Archie?

Losing your pet is every owner’s worst nightmare but sadly every day dogs are stolen or vanish on walks and it’s heartbreaking for their families.

Every story is different. One of the cases this month is of a lady whose dogs went missing as she nursed a friend through cancer treatment.

You can’t imagine the utter despair. But that’s where Doglost steps in.

It’s an organisation  set up by Jayne Hayes who lost her French Bulldog in 2003, Hermes, and she’s helped hundreds of thousands of pets find their way home.

Jayne and her team of volunteers work tirelessly to support owners when they need it most and each month we share appeals on their behalf.

This month, the owners of Doglost cases Polly, Amy and Archie share their stories.

Please if you can share this post on social media, particularly if the missing dogs are from your area as every share increases the chance of them being handed in.

Missing Golden Retriever Polly

Missing Golden Retriever Polly
Missing Golden Retriever Polly

Polly is a Golden Retreiver and went missing from Wolsingham in County Durham on Wednesday July 31st.

The nine-year-old dog lives with Stacy and Tony Burleigh and is a former Guide Dog.

She is around 30kg, slim and fit, and vanished while walking on a river path and hasn’t been seen since.

Stacy, a former vet nurse who now runs a grooming salon, said: “She just vanished on the path between Wolsingham and Frosterley between 4 and 6pm.

“Polly likes chasing rabbits and is friendly but aloof with people she doesn’t know. One thing that makes her stand out is a scar on the bridge of her nose.”

Missing Doglost case Polly from Weardale
Polly and Wilbur who is missing her desperately

The couple have a Cocker Spaniel, Wilbur, who is missing her terribly too.

More than 600 dog lovers, friends, family members and local residents have been involved in the search for Polly.

Stacy said: “We have been completely overwhelmed with the support and kindness people have shown. Wilbur is so upset, he is only 16 months and misses her terribly.

“The whole of Weardale are searching for her and we just want her back home. If anyone can tell us anything we would be so thankful”

Polly has a Facebook appeal which you can find at Help Find Polly Facebook Group.

If you have any information on Polly you can call Doglost on 0844 800 3220quoting ID 146770

Missing terriers Amy and Archie

Amy and Archie Doglost Appeal
Missing Terriers Amy and Archie

Amy and Archie are from Barnstable in Devon and went missing on a walk on Wednesday March 13th.

Amy is two years old and a Border Terrier crossed with a French Bulldog and Archie is three years old and a Border Terrier.

They went missing from their home in Bishops Tawton, Barnstaple, while owner Jackie Robinson was at Exeter Hospital taking a friend for her chemotherapy treatment.

As they were running late she called a friend to let the dogs out for a toilet break, but the front door wasn’t closed and the little dogs ran off.

They’ve never been seen and Jackie fears they have been found and kept. Both are microchipped and neutered and there is a £2000 reward raised by wellwishers for their return.


Amy Missing dog
Amy has smoother ears


Missing dog archie
Archie has longer hair on his ears

Amy was wearing a pink collar tag and Archie a blue one. Amy is full of life and excitable and Archie is stubborn, loving and enjoys exploring.

Jackie has written a heartfelt letter to her two dogs. She said: “Every waking moment of my day I miss you with all of my being. I love you with all my heart and miss you terribly.

“I miss your love and affection, friendship, cuddles and licks. Our walks together will now, never be the same, I can’t even walk where we used to go.

“I am trying to find you the best way I know how.

“To Archie, I miss your love, our ball games, even your stubbornness, the way you love Amy and always cuddle into her. You never sleep without her beside you.

“To Amy, I miss your beautiful affection, the way you sleep with your tongue out, your never ending playfulness, your love of everyone.

“You love your brother like nothing else and are always beside him.

“I truly hope you are both well and happy in the situation you find yourself in.

“I can promise you both, I will never give up on finding you.”

Jackie Robinson, owner of missing dogs Amy and Archie
Jackie with her appeal to find Amy and Archie

Jackie has a Facebook group to raise awareness at Amy and Archie Still Missing

If you know anything about Amy and Archie, please call Doglost on 0844 800 3220 quoting ID 141456 for Archie and 141454 for Amy or visit Archie’s Doglost Page or  Amy’s Doglost Page

As always, the chances of pets being found are greatly increased when they are made ‘too hot to handle.’

This means the more people know what they look like and that they are missing, the better, so please share to help the families.

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