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Meet Rocky the Traveller, the English Bull Terrier who loves seeing the world!

Leaving your furry friend behind is one of the hardest things about going on holiday.

Dog owner Danny Romero has found a way around it though – he takes his English Bull Terrier Rocky with him.
Rocky the Traveller has a pet passport that is so well stamped even Judith Chalmers would be impressed.
He has 23,000 fans on who love following his adventures.
He’s posed next to the Eiffel Tower in France, the Louvre, the Acropolis, Pompeii, the London Eye and Big Ben.
And his cute white face has wowed fans at the Atomium in Brussels, Ulm Church which is the tallest in world, the Dancing House in Prague and the Parliament of Budapest.

Rocky, who moved from America to Brighton in 2014, has even been nicknamed Phileas Dogg after the character in the Jules Verne novel Around The World in 80 Days.

Danny said: “Rocky is such a huge part of my life.
“Why would I want to leave him behind when I go away?
“I love English Bull Terriers and when I got him as a puppy I promised him I’m bring him to see his heritage.
“When we came to England, it seemed so easy for us to travel around the rest of Europe.
“That’s when the adventure really began.
“Rocky is so well behaved. He sits quietly on trains or next to me in the car if I’m driving.
“We never fly. I couldn’t put him in a crate and leave him in the hold.
“He loves moving around and he’s a fantastic companion for me.”

Rocky relaxes on the beach in Zante

Rocky with his camera!

Rocky captures his adventures on his own doggy Go Pro camera and then shares them on his blog.

He eats in gourmet restaurants and charms fans all over the world with his impeccable manners.
The cute Bullie is so popular, he has a casting agent, Layla Flaherty at Urban Paws.
Danny said: “He is so well behaved and everywhere we go, people just fall in love with him.
“In Europe and the UK, people’s attitudes have really changed towards dogs and he’s made so welcome.
“Everyone is so happy to have a dog in a bar or cafe. We never struggle to find dog friendly places to eat and drink.”
As well as eating and drinking in the finest cars and restaurants, Rocky is just as happy travelling in the car or train or snoozing on a sun lounger.

Rocky carries his own suitcase packed with cool shirts, a sun hat, suncream so his pink nose doesn’t burn, and his camera.

Danny said: “It’s all an adventure for him. He loves sitting next to me in the car.
“It can take up to three days instead of a few hours on a plane for us to reach our destination.
“But I don’t mind. I’d much rather have him with me.
“He goes out on speedboats, in sand buggies and loves just lying back on a sun lounger too and relaxing.
“I’m always careful to cover him up and give him plenty of shade and water, and we take his own food so he doesn’t get an upset stomach.

At the Leaning House in Prague

Rocky and Danny at Zante beach

Rocky sightseeing in Budapest

Danny already has a huge following and one day says he would like to write a book about Rocky’s travels.

Rocky the Traveller’s message is that we CAN travel with their pets if we’re prepared to make that extra effort.
He said: “One day I plan to write a children’s book about his adventures and tell the stories through Rocky’s eyes.
“I think it would be so enchanting.
“Dogs are such a huge part of our lives now and I want to share Rocky’s story so other dog owners can see they can be by our side wherever we go.”
If you’ve been inspired by Danny and Rocky and would like to travel with your pet, click here to find out how to get a pet passport.
Do you have an amazing story about a pet you’d like to share? Click here to get in touch!

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