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Powder, pawfume and pawdicures for pooches!

Yes, you read that right.

Pet beauty is booming – not just lovely smelling shampoos either!

You can get make up and pawfume for your pooch, and take them for a pawdicure!

I spoke to three ladies in the pet pampering business to find out more…

Dog groomer Vicky Haywood runs Vic’s Dog Grooming Salon and Boutique in Shoeburyness in Southend-On-Sea.

She offers paw-dicures in a range of 14 different colours.

Vicky uses pet friendly polish from the Warren London range on her six month old pug Daisy.

She said: “It’s popular with a lot of the smaller dogs like Pugs, Pomeranians and Chihuahuas. 

“I do the paw-dicures as part of a full groom, also for dogs with Facebook and Instagram pages.

“The dog will have their nails clipped and I give them a paw massage with a treatment made of aloe vera and beeswax.

“It’s good for the condition of their paws. Also, the dogs find having their paw pads treated really relaxing.

“Daisy absolutely loves having her paws painted.

“Not all clients go for the nail varnish, as it’s more for special occasions like when the dog is going to a party. 

“People love their dogs to look their best because bring so much happiness.”

Cute Willow and her pawdicure.

Katy Rehm, a dog groomer from Formby in Merseyside, created her Pawfume Shop range in 2016.

She wanted her dog Sherry to smell just like she did.

Matisse from Britain’s Got Talent even tried out her scent at Crufts last year.

Katy and Sherry who inspired the range.

She said: “It started as a bit of a joke but now I have 12 different fragrances and my clients love them. 

“People don’t just want their dogs to look good but smell nice too.

“We use camomile and aloe vera and as an experienced dog groomer I’m committed to ensuring everything I do is pet friendly and doesn’t irritate the skin or coat.

“It’s really taken off from what began as a bit of fun!”

Katy and her pawfume range!

Meanwhile, over at Plush Puppy there’s chalk ‘concealer’ which covers up stains and marks.

And Pixie Dust balm gives coats an all over shimmer and shine.

Jackie Buttle launched the grooming business in 2002 and has seen a huge rise in people wanting their pets to look polished.

Jackie shows off the very well groomed Bradleigh.

She said: “Things like Pixie Dust that were usually for show dogs to give a glimmer and a sparkle are now popular with regular pet owners because they like dogs to look their best.

“People also invest in a good shampoo, conditioner and finishing spray to care for their coats.

“There has been a huge rise in people who want something special for their dogs and that can only be a good thing!”

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