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Can I use an electric toothbrush on my dog?

Have you ever considered using an electric toothbrush on your pup?

If you’re a dog mum or dad, you’ll know the term dog breath.

Plus dog toothbrushes, chews, powders, and all kinds of other suggestions to eliminate it.

But did you know you can use an electric toothbrush on your dog? 

I spoke to Anastasia Waugh, a lecturer, dog groomer, and Emmi-Pet educator to learn all about getting your pup a set of pearly whites.

She has nearly 30 years experience caring for dogs and shares her story below.

Anastasia and her dogs Rocco and Winnie

Hi, Anastasia! Tell us about you and your business.

I’m known as the Dog Tooth Fairy. 

I sell ultrasonic dog toothbrushes to dog owners and pet professionals.

Plus I offer training on how to use them to achieve the best results and help restore your pets’ pearly whites to their former glory.

How did you get into the pet industry?

I’ve had a keen interest in animals since I was a little girl. I had many pets growing up and always knew I wanted to work with animals someday.

I studied Animal Welfare and Management and became a lecturer at the animal college where I taught for 12 years.

While there, I got my grooming qualifications and also began teaching grooming classes. 

It was this connection to grooming that allowed me to break free from the pressure of education and step out on my own.

I owned a grooming salon in my local town for 7 years, where I first learned about an innovative new product called the Emmi-Pet. 

I started using it in my salon and was blown away by the results!

For the last five years, I have been a distributor and now do that full-time.

Anastasia working on the Emmi-Pet stand at Crufts

What is the key thing owners should know about their dog’s dental health?

The number one thing to know is that dental health problems are completely preventable.

A huge 85% of dogs have some form of dental health issue by the time they’re three years old.

It could be from poor diet, a non-existent or sparse dental care routine, no use of dental chews, or a combination.

We wouldn’t go months without brushing our teeth, so why should our pets? 

Checking our pet’s teeth is an important aspect of responsible pet ownership. It’s up to us to manage their dental health before they need vet intervention.

What options are there for cleaning dogs’ teeth?

Finger toothbrushes have been used for a very long time. Unfortunately, they only clean the surface of the tooth. 

They’re unable to reach under the gum line to clear out bacteria or sufficiently remove plaque and tartar build-up.

While doing anything is better than nothing, there is a better option.

The Emmi-Pet uses vibration-free, silent ultrasonic waves, working in unison with the water and specialized toothpaste, to successfully remove plaque and tartar build-up.

It also penetrates 12mm under the gum line to remove all bacteria through its suction feature, helping prevent tooth decay and bad breath.

It’s an extremely gentle alternative to other treatments.

Polishing her pup Winnie’s pearly whites

How do dogs react when using it for the first time?

Most of them do great! 80-85% of the dogs I’ve used it on have no issues. 

I believe the key is to be relaxed when doing the treatment. Dogs can absolutely read our emotions and react to them. By remaining calm, we help them to also be calm.

Unfortunately, some dogs are anxious, nervous, and scared. In that case, I wouldn’t recommend using an Emmi-Pet. 

If you’re unsure how your pet will react, I recommend going to a local groomer who offers the treatment. 

Your pet will get an experienced professional and you will have peace of mind if you do decide to spend the money on one for yourself.

Teeth cleaning can be done in a salon as Anastasia shows with her dog Rocco

What is an ideal dental care routine?

I recommend brushing your dog’s teeth once a week. 

Of course, we are imperfect humans, so fortnightly is sufficient if you just can’t remember. 

Also, make sure to offer some kind of dental chew to remove and prevent plaque and tartar build-up.

I prefer using raw carrots and fish cubes – my dogs love them, they’re healthy, and they get the job done well!

If your dog already has thick build-up, you may need to do the treatment daily until you are back at a clean slate.

Once you’re back to a healthy baseline, you can then move to weekly treatments.

A before and after from one of Anastasia’s clients

What are the signs of dental health problems?

The telltale sign is bad breath.

“Dog breath” has become kind of a thing – people just think because they are dogs that they have stinky breath and that’s that.

They tend to ignore a common warning sign of impending, and possibly severe, health issues.

Your dog may seem okay, but you should give regular checkups. Note whether their gums look red, there are any signs of bleeding, they’re inflamed, or starting to recede, as all of these are signs of dental issues.

Do regular inspections of your dog’s teeth, keeping in mind the front teeth may look fine, but back teeth are more likely to harbor food particles and bacteria build-up.

If you’re concerned at all, you should take them to a vet before spending money on a toothbrush. Toothbrushing is for maintenance and prevention, not for curing.

Anastasia demonstrates how to use the Emmi-Pet

What is it like for dogs with dental problems?

Have you ever had an aching tooth? The pain radiates and it’s hard to focus on anything else.

Sadly, dogs are extremely good at masking their pain. 

They may have a decaying tooth, gum disease, or infection and still go through their day acting mostly normal.

You may notice slight changes in behaviour, like being less interested in their food.

Put yourself in your dog’s paws–if your teeth looked like theirs, would you feel okay?

What feedback do you get from clients who use Emmi-Pet?

I hear many lovely success stories from pet professionals as well as dog owners.

So many owners are nervous about the anesthetic needed to perform dental procedures. Maybe they have an older dog with health conditions who can’t handle it. 

They buy the toothbrush in the hopes of rejuvenating their dog’s dental health and I’ve seen some truly incredible results. 

The Emmi-Pet is a holistic alternative to some pretty invasive dental treatments.

While having a fancy dog toothbrush may feel a bit posh, it can make all the difference to your pet.

Proud dog mum with Rocco and Winnie

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The Emmi Pet costs around £180 for a basic set and you can visit Anastasia’s shop here on her website:

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