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National Terrier Day March 27th

Celebrate terrific terriers for National Terrier Day on March 27th

Did you know there is a National Terrier Day every year on March 27th?

As you can imagine I’m a teeny bit excited as the mum of an adorable terrier and I can’t wait to celebrate with Patch.

What makes it even more pawsome is that it was created by my friend and fellow pet blogger Michelle Burgess.

Michelle runs Scruffy Little Terrier and we met six years ago when I first started this blog.

We bonded over our love of terriers – I had Daisy back then and she looked so like Michelle’s terrier Sandy.

And we have been crazy terrier lady friends ever since.

So for #NationalTerrierDay I spoke to Michelle about how it all came about and what her hopes are for the terrific terriers.

Michelle Burgess with Barney and Sandy

Tell me about National Terrier Day – where did the idea come from?

Well, I love terriers and my website is all about terriers, but the idea came about after I read that in the Kennel Club’s top 10 breeds only two were terriers.

I was shocked, so I did a poll in my Facebook Group to ask my followers what would breed would be in the Top 10 Terrier list and created a blog all about terriers which is now my top viewed blog.

Then when we discussed Awareness Days in your membership community it got me thinking ‘Why not have a terrier day?’

How can people get involved?

I’d really love to see social media awash with terrier photos and stories, because I know how much terriers are loved by their families.

People can celebrate the day with their terriers by taking them for a long walk, or doing a mini meet up socially distanced of course!

I think I’m going to make Barney and Sandy a special terrier day cake.

Michelle has created a list of ten ways you can celebrate the day!

What do you hope will be the impact of National Terrier Day?

I hope that everyone will see how wonderful terriers are and maybe consider them as their next dog, or even look at all the terriers that are waiting for a new home in rescue centres.

What is it you love about terriers so much?

I have two rescue terriers and they are both completely different, but they both make me laugh everyday.

I think that most terrier owners would say that terriers are full of character, there’s never a dull moment with them (expect when they are sleeping!)

Terriers, are active, funny, mischievous, loyal and a little bit stubborn and that’s why we love them.

Michelle and Barney

What will you and your dogs be doing for National Terrier Day?

We’ll be going for a couple of good walks, lots of playing at home and then a National Terrier Day cake to celebrate!

What kind of response have you had from other terrier owners?

So far, everyone seems very excited that there is a day especially for terriers. I love seeing all their terrier photos and hearing about their terrier’s antics.

Dogs in Valentines Bandanas
Barney and Sandy dressed to impress!

And I know owners of all breeds are planning to join in, how do you feel about terriers bringing together the doggy community?

I love seeing all the different terriers and their owners coming together to celebrate this great breed of dogs.

I’m really looking forward to seeing some of the more rarer terrier breeds on social media too

What are your hopes for National Terrier Day?

Well, it would be amazing to get National Terrier Day trending on social media, a real #TerrierTakeover.

Wouldn’t that bring a lot of joy?

I would love to see terrier day really shed light on how brilliant terriers are and to help more terriers be part of a forever home.

Where can people find out more?

You can find out more about National Terrier Day across my social media platforms, including National Terrier Day on Facebook but also on my Scruffy Little Terrier pages too.

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