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Why Katie and Muffy founded I Am A Crazy Dog Lady

If you’re reading this, then there’s a 50 per cent chance you’re a Crazy Dog Lady!

You might have seen brilliant memes on social media like ‘Dog hair adds flair’ and ‘Married, single, crazy dog lady.’ And we have some amazing news for you!

There’s a new brand called I Am A Crazy Dog Lady creating merchandise for people like me and you who want to shout ‘I am a Crazy Dog Lady’ from the rooftops and they’re putting on events across the UK where CDLs and their pups can meet with like minded dog obsessives!

Today we’re chatting to the ladies behind it, Katie Tovey-Grindlay, 34, from Woof Woof Network and Muffy Hitzeroth, 37, founder of the human and dog apparel brand Duke Loves Fergie who came together through their love of dogs.

Both fully fledged CDLs, Katie lives in Bristol with her three dogs, Bertie, a Labrador aged eight, Toby, a Dachshund aged seven and adorable nine-month-old mini Dachshund Betty, and Muffy lives in London with six-year-old Frenchie, Duke.

And we have a 25 per cent discount code for their first event on July 21st – Summer Kind of Wonderful – where CDLs can enjoy bottomless Prosecco, pawsome drinks and treats for the dogs and a furbulous goodie bag worth £50!

Katie and her gorgeous puppy Betty
Muffy with handsome Frenchie Duke

Tell us a little more about the Crazy Dog Lady brand

I’m a Crazy Dog Lady is all about the dogs and bringing together dog lovers.
We want to share heartwarming stories from people whose lives have been changed by their dogs through the I’m a Crazy Dog Lady Podcast.
And we hope to bring people together with our Crazy Dog Lady events and be a place that we can all talk about our awesome dogs on our social media channels.
It’s kind of a movement – we’re creating merchandise which is lots of fun. Each piece will have a cool slogan that every CDL will want to be seen in. 

I’m in! So how do you define a CDL?

Someone who is obsessed with dogs. Someone who stops in the street to say hi to a dog. Someone who loves dogs more than humans.
Dog lovers who know about your #dogsofinstagram obsession because they have one too. Those who will gladly sit through your camera roll and coo over every pic of the pooch.

Katie’s dogs Bertie, Betty and Toby

Can you remember the moment you became a CDL?

Katie: I think I’ve always been one. I can remember going on holiday to Cornwall when I was about 8 years old.
There was a dog who lives at the house we were renting and I just wanted to hang out with the dog all the time. When we were told we were doing to the beach for the day we wanted the dog to come with us 

Muffy: I fell in love with a rescue spaniel called Floppy when I was little too. He was my best friend. Since then dogs have been my favourite people.

What is the craziest CDL thing you have done?

Katie: I hosted a birthday party for my dogs and their guests, which included balloons, bunting, party hats, a dog birthday cake, dog friendly party food and I hired a professional photographer to capture the moment. 

Muffy: Well, I don’t think this is too crazy but booking Duke in for a dog spa day that included massage and a facial!
I know I drive my friends and family crazy because when on a walk with me you need to tag on an extra 20 mins because I need to say hello to all the dogs we meet!

There’s been a huge rise in Crazy Dog Ladies over the last few years, why do you think it is?

People are no longer worried about being classed as a crazy dog lady any more. Plus we think the rise of insta famous dogs has helped us be loud and proud. 

What do you think the benefits are to being a CDL?

We really don’t deserve dogs, they are so good to us. They are there for us on good days and bad days. Through the happy times and difficult times.
They provide us with unconditional love always. No questions asked. They are our best friends. Dogs can help us be more healthy – mentally and physically and they enable us meet new people and be more sociable.
They enrich our lives in so many ways and when a dog comes into your world, they change everything. You can’t help but go crazy with love for them.

What inspired you to set up I Am A Crazy Dog Lady?

We got fed up of attending dog events that just didn’t cut it. We’d turn up to venues that were over booked, there was nothing to do whilst we were there and drinks weren’t included.
So we thought we would start putting on our own events building on what we felt others were lacking and what we would like as dog owners.
With the merchandise range, we felt there was a gap in the market for cool things where CDLs could be loud and proud about their love for their dogs and we are really excited about it!

What can we look forward to at the London launch party?

It’s taking place in the heart of London, our party will be hosted at  the Ice Tank. A chic, premium venue that’s close to super dog friendly Covent Garden and Carnaby Street.
This is not an average doggy brunch or pub garden meet up. The space will be transformed into a luxury hangout for you and your best friend – we think it’s going to be the most Instagrammable and fun doggo event of the year!
Think white Chesterfields, Peonie flower walls, fireplaces, doggy touches all round and a bar serving human and dog bubbles and nibbles.
You and your dog will be treated to bottomless Prosecco, luxury vegan cupcakes, pupcakes and puppaccinos, and a goodie bag worth over £50.
We’ll have professional videographers and photographers there on the day to capture you and your dog enjoying the pawty.
Hot off the press is we will be having a TV Documentary team there on the day filming everything for a documentary too. Make sure to shine those collars!

We are so excited about it! So if CDLs want to come along, what do they need to do?

You can visit our website or follow this link for tickets for the Summer Kind of Wonderful Party.
There are two time slots, from 12pm to 2pm or 3pm to 5pm and human tickets are £55 and human and dog tickets are £60 – everyone is given a goodie bag worth £50 too.
And The Paw Post readers get a £15 discount on tickets too – simply put in the promotional code Paw25 at the checkout to claim it!

Find out more about Crazy Dog Lady at and you can follow them on social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Thanks so much for chatting to us Katie and Muffy and for the pawsome discount for our readers too!

We can’t wait for the event – see you on the day! xxx

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