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Meet Sarah and the mud loving Terriers behind Reg&Bob

Our dogs are part of the family. We’d do anything for them and want them to have the best life has to offer.

Like children, the market for dog accessories is massive, overwhelming, and full of products we just don’t need.

Reg&Bob embraces the concept of less is more! Founder Sarah Blythman has created a range of products that allow dogs to be dogs without worrying about the price tag.

Patch has been in Reg&Bob since the day he came to live with us and we are UBERFANS.

I chatted to Sarah about the story behind her business and her mission to make dogs happy and life easier for pet parents.

Sarah with her adorable boys Reg and Bob

Sarah, tell us about your dogs Reg and Bob

Reg and Bob are half brothers Norfolk Terriers. We got Reg first, eight years ago, after losing our first Norfolk Terrier, Ted. Less than a year later we got Bob. 

Reg is such a good boy! He doesn’t have enough teeth to hold it in his tongue so the tip always sticks out and he’s an easygoing, obedient boy who is very food driven.

Bob is his own dog. After suffering some health complications a few years ago, he’s had some lasting effects that have given him a truly unique personality.

They’re perfect friends and we’re lucky to have them!

Reg and Bob love getting muddy!

Why did you start Reg&Bob?

My dogs like to enjoy their life. They get muddy, wallow in the water, and roll around in fox poo. 

I was having trouble finding a stylish collar and lead that was sensibly priced and easy to keep clean. I didn’t want to spend loads of money on something that would be ruined quickly! 

I also didn’t want to sacrifice style for functionality.

I created Reg&Bob so I, and people like me, didn’t have to choose one or the other! I was solving my own problem, and in turn, helping others as well.

The signature stripe is a hit with pups with a sense of style

Tell us about your products.

I’m not into dressing dogs up. I think there’s very little they truly need. Reg and Bob obviously have the full range of seven colours of collars and leads and a harness each but nothing else to wear.

It’s with that in mind that we’ve created a range of products that are colourful, stylish, and functional.

I love stripes, so all of our products are different colour combinations of vibrant coloured stripes, making them easy and fun to mix and match!

Collars & Leads

Striped collars and matching leads in every size you could need! We also offer multi-length leads, slip leads, and double leads with an Ezeclip option. 

They’re machine washable to make for quick and easy clean up.


Harnesses are becoming quite popular, with many on the market causing more problems than they’re solving. They can be poorly fitting, hinder their movement and stress the vital muscles.

I’ve been working with Lucy Tyrrell from Pawsitive Myotherapy to design the perfect harness for dogs of all sizes. 

Lucy is a Galen Myotherapist with a focus on treating dogs with mobility and muscular and joint issues.

Our unique design and placement of straps ensures that this harness does not restrict muscles or joints allowing for total freedom of movement.

Dog Walking Bags

They’re functional enough to hold everything you need on a walk with your dog, but stylish enough to pop into a coffee shop when you’re finished.

Our striped straps are also interchangeable, with several length options to create your ideal colour combination!

Drying Towels & Mats

We want to make your post-walk cleanup a breeze.

We offer super absorbent SoggyDoggy mats perfect for your sleepy, soggy pup to rest on after a long walk. They come in several sizes with a crate option – all machine washable.

Sarah loves the matching stripes on the human accessories

What’s next for Reg&Bob?

We’ve been pleased with the feedback on the harness, and we’re working with local dog trainers who have been testing it out and preparing to release the next size up.

Lucy and I are working very closely to make sure it’s a success and it would be great to hear from any trainers who are interested in working together – we have an affiliate scheme too.

We’ve just released a matching key ring with brilliantly thick tape that goes with our leads and collars!

Next up, we will be working on a range of puppy products, offering the whole package for dogs of every age and size.

As a small business owner, new product manufacturing and ensuring products are made in the UK is my biggest hurdle.

Luckily, we are jumping those hurdles one at a time and are proud to offer the quality of products we do.

Patch posing in Reg&Bob

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