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The Paw Post meets Shaun Pulfrey – inventor of the Pet Tangle Teezer

If you love your Tangle Teezer we have some great news – your dog can have one too!

You might remember Shaun Pulfrey from his appearance on Dragon’s Den with his Tangle Teezer hairbrush

Amazingly, he was told to get knotted and has since created a £200 million (yes you read that right!) business following his BBC2 appearance back in 2007 (you can watch it here on YouTube)
Now 11 years on, he’s having the last laugh about the detangling brush they called ‘hair brained’ as 20 a minute are sold to 60 countries worldwide.
They run gently through messed up hair have been a godsend to parents all over the world. And now, he’s done the same for dogs!
So if you have a shaggy dog and struggle to get a brush through their coat, or worry about hurting them by battling through their fur, the Pet Teezer could be the solution.
We had a chat with Shaun about his pawsome new invention!

How gorgeous does this doggy look after his Pet Teezer makeover?

How did the idea for a doggy Tangle Teezer come about?

We were inundated on social media with images and cute videos of people brushing their dog with The Original and showing how well it worked on fluffy coats.
We then started trialling and testing different styles of teeth and brushes to perfect the Pet Teezer.
We wanted to make sure that Pet Teezer was effective and tackled coats on all breeds of dogs. After 3 years of research we finally came to launch Pet Teezer.  

Are you a dog owner yourself?

Yes, I have a Boston Terrier called Lucy.
She’s only a year old and is already my reason for living! She has more energy than any other dog I’ve ever met so she certainly keeps me on my toes!

Shaun Pulfrey, creator of the Tangle Teezer for dogs and his dog Lucy
Proud dog dad Shaun with lively and lovely Lucy!

How did you develop the products?

We worked very closely with the grooming team at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.
We tried and tested on numerous dogs there.
This is why they’ve given us their seal of approval and we’re recommended by them.

That’s fantastic and a lovely charity to work with. Did you get to try them on lots of different dogs?

Yes, we tried them on as many as we could.
As we worked with Battersea obviously we had access to a real depth in selection of dogs.
We also used a panel that had a range of dogs from those with short coats, to others with thick, double coats!

Shaun Pulfrey, creator of the Tangle Teezer for dogs and his dog Lucy
Entrepreneur Shaun Pulfrey wowed the hair world with his Tangle Teezer after being mocked on Dragon’s Den – now he’s doing the same for dogs!

What sets the doggy Tangle Teezer apart from other grooming brushes on the market?

Most other grooming brushes on the market are made with metal teeth.
Our brushes are made with soft, flexible polymers that makes them ultra-safe for at home every day grooming as well as being confident to detangle and de-shed easily.

How has the feedback been?

The feedback has been great, from both dogs and owners!
The dogs seem to be very relaxed and love being brushed by our Pet Teezer and the owners find it easy and effective! It’s got the thumbs and paws up from everyone!

We tried the Pet Teezer on Daisy. She liked the gentler bristles and it helped strip her loose hair too!

Being recommended by Battersea is fantastic, how did that come about?

We worked with Battersea when researching the different teeth and styles of brushes for Pet Teezer.
It was a natural fit for us to be involved on a deeper level when we launched the product.
They’re a fantastic charity and we’re proud to have that affinity with them!

Do you think you will have any more doggie inventions in the future?

Never say never – I’m an inventor, my mind never stops!

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You can find Pet Teezer at Pets At Home.

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