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Beds For Bullies founder Liz overjoyed at response to appeal

Beds For Bullies founder Liz Haslam has told of her joy after kind hearted supporters donated £2,000 to her rescue.

Well wishers also sent parcels of food, blankets and treats for her dogs after she appealed for help to find a new home.
Liz, who has rescued hundreds of English Bull Terriers from all over the world, also admitted she was struggling to fund her work.
She has been overwhelmed by the love and support shown since via her JustGiving page and on social media.
Liz said: “I’m just blown away by the generosity people have shown me.
“I had no idea my story would reach so many people and how kind folk can be. I’ve been in floods of tears and I can’t thank people enough.
“When you see such lovely messages from people who have never met you but have been moved to donate it’s so heartwarming.
“The day after the appeal was launched, Amazon called me and said they had 18 parcels of gifts. The garage fixed my car for me – it was just astonishing.
“Bullies can be misunderstood but it’s nice to think there are an awful lot of people out there who care about this breed and the support is there and people believe in what you do.
“I also want to thank my huge support network who foster and home check and all the people who have helped and shared my story online.”

Eric who is recovering from surgery after having part of his jaw removed.
Eric just after his op
Eric has had fantastic care from Liz’s vet
Eric who is recovering from surgery after having part of his jaw removed.
Relaxing at home with Liz

The donations have also taken away some of the financial worry for Liz, who has spent the last week nursing Eric back to health.

She rescued him from a refugee camp in Turkey, paying £2,000 to bring him to her home in Norfolk.
Eric, six, was found to have 50 bullets in his face and has just had an operation to remove part of his jawbone and teeth on the left hand side.
Knowing she has funds to pay for his treatment has been a huge relief.
Liz said: “In rescue, you try to do your best for the dogs but you always worry about how you will find the funds to do it.
“Eric has been through so much and needed surgery to remove part of his jawbone. The bone was dead and was inflamed and causing him discomfort.
“He’s being very brave and the vet doesn’t envisage he will have any problems in future so that is so nice to hear for him.
“My vets at Swayne and Partners and the Animal Health Trust have been absolutely amazing.”

The next hurdle for Liz is to find a new home for her and the dogs.

She has 16 of her own, and you can read their individual stories here.
She fosters English Bull Terriers and runs a boarding kennel but needs to move from her current location in Barnham.
Liz said: “It would be amazing if I could stretch to a mortgage. I’d love to hear from anyone who knows of any land which might be suited to a log cabin or mobile home.
“Where we are is very quiet with land, so we’re hoping to find to somewhere similar to rent that is close to our vets too.
“I’m so thankful for all the help and it’s really shown how vital it is to carry on this work.”

If you can help Liz, contact her via her website at or find her on Facebook on Twitter on Instagram

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